Is Henry Creel or Vecna Redeemable? Even The Duffers Don’t Know

Is Henry Creel or Vecna Redeemable? Even The Duffers Don’t Know

Stranger Things depicted the personification of terror in the image of Vecna itself, and fans went crazy after meeting this deathly psychological killer in season 4. Firstly, the creators introduced us to an anonymous monster who preys on people’s minds. In later episodes, we learn about his evil past and how he killed his father to gain more dark powers.

But it is a fact every human or monster has a breaking point. Or, in simple words, they can find purgation from their evilness if we touch in the right place. So, does Vecna too have a scope for redemption? Hope for this villain has lower rates because the sculptors themselves don’t know it yet. And here we are to give our two cents on the matter.

The creators of Vecna don’t know if light exists for his dark soul

The annual festival of Netflix Geeked Week has brought us so much information and entertainment altogether. When many artists and developers sat down with Felicia Day to give fans an insight into their thoughts about their shows. In one such conversation with the Duffer Brothers, an interesting question popped out. Felicia asked the brothers:

“Is he [Vecna] really a bad seed? Or is there redemption there or is that a spoiler?” 

To which, Matt replied that they have delved deeply into the character of Vecna and they have understood different aspects of his personality, except for his redemption and they are gonna find it in season 5.

“And there is still any humanity left in him that’s the question,” Matt ended the topic with a big clause. Because every character has unexplored layers that creators sometimes don’t understand themselves. And to examine a traumatizing character like this needs a lot more time and brain.

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How far does Creel’s action in Stranger Things reveal the chances of his redemption?

It would be impossible to say that a human is born wicked because humans are the amalgamation of dark and light. They have numerous emotions, including anger, hatred, compassion, love, and undoubtedly corruption. However, most are more knitted with positivity, while some are overpowered by malice. In Henry’s case, we can say that his mania for power transformed him into this treacherous sorcerer.

For instance, we saw him saying that he always wanted to be the “PREDATOR” that rules over human life and wanted to discover a new dimension where he can be the only King. He was inspired by black widows in his childhood when the family moved to the Creel house. That cursed house helped Henry discern his supernatural abilities. So, he started killing people to become more and more powerful.

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Therefore, Creel’s house was the trigger point that turned him into an inhumane creature. And now, sheer savagery is embedded in every part of his soul. Because even after Eleven banished him from the human world, he didn’t stop doing all those malicious activities. He traumatized mentally fragile kids in Hawkins through dreams and hallucinations before killing them and triggering an apocalypse.

Furthermore, Vecna waited for Eleven to open the Upside Down gate so he could destroy everything. All these events in Henry’s life indicate that he is almost irredeemable. Still, who knows what season 5 will unearth, as this is Stranger Things, the most unpredictable show on Netflix.

What do you think? Is Vecna redeemable? Comment down your views.

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