Fans Lay Down Their Theory Of How Will Should Be Saved From Vecna With A WRONG SONG, And It Will Break Your Heart

Fans Lay Down Their Theory Of How Will Should Be Saved From Vecna With A WRONG SONG, And It Will Break Your Heart

Music has always been an integral part of Stranger Things as it created extensive meaning to the emotions and situations that the characters were going through. Also, the entrance of big evil Vecna has made it significant that every character has a list of favorite songs to keep in line always. Just in case they need it! Whereas fans adored the idea of music bringing people back to their core like Running Up That Hill retrieved Max from Upside Down. Currently, fans are sharing their thoughts about the song that could save Will Byers from Vecna’s curse. And this is really surprising what fans have to say on this matter. 

Fans have traveled far way back like Eleven this time to bring Will’s salvation 

Seeing this recent post on Twitter it feels like fans have delved into the layers of Stranger Things season 2 to culminate the idea behind this musical connection to Vecna. In season 1 we were introduced to ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ which Jonathan gives to Will as a gift. The song somehow becomes his only hope in Upside Down even though it has contrasting meanings and doesn’t seem like much of an optimistic song. 

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Like the Twitter post said that the song shows how Will feels detached from all his friends and the good memories he had with them. Because the song itself states that no matter where he goes trouble will walk by his side. So Will symbolically asks himself that should he stay forever in the Upside Down or should he go. The fan post also speculated that the song is the anthem of his sorrow and trauma. And somehow being the wrong song helped him survive in that horrible place. Surprisingly the wrong song saved him from Vecna’s clutches while he was hiding in his tent in Upside Down. 

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Also, it is more painful to see that his friends don’t even know his favorite song when Jonathan angrily plays Boys Don’t Cry on the Walkman. Moreover, Jonathan was seen commenting on Will that he was not there for Will when he needed him most. Fans liked the way how Jonathan has been a great big brother who understands his problem and tries to motivate him at every point. 

What fans are saying about Should I Stay or Should I Go song of Stranger Things? 

Fans believe that it is not important that one should listen to their favorite song to save themselves from Vecna. They just need to have a connection with the song like Will had all the bad memories connected with it.

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