WATCH: Jamie Campbell Bower Channel His Inner Vecna In A Nerve-Chilling Voice-Over Session

WATCH: Jamie Campbell Bower Channel His Inner Vecna In A Nerve-Chilling Voice-Over Session

Jamie Campbell Bower already had fans wrapped around his charming personality and his arrival in Stranger Things changed it. Stranger Things depicted the biggest villain who prays on fragile minds and plays with his victims psychologically. Although Vecna had a hideously mutilated outlook, fans still adored him for the actor who portrayed him.

And there is no doubt that Jamie Campbell embodied the role exceptionally well as he filled fans with horror every time he stepped on screen. Did you know who was behind that heart-throbbing voice of Vecna? It was Jamie himself, a true artist who has proved talent in a recent video shared on Twitter. 

Jamie Campbell Bower gives life to the character of Vecna in Stranger Things 4 

A fan page on Twitter, Stranger Writers, shared a studio clip this Sunday where Jamie is giving his voice-over. It is astounding to see how he transformed his voice into a creepy monstrous tone that terrified every character on the show. In the video, he was voicing the face-off dialogue that Vecna told Eleven: 

“I saw a means to realize my potential. To transcend my human form. To become the predator I was born to be.” 

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Moreover, he might have needed a lot of practice to bring out such a scary and impactful voice. Because depending on the heart-wrenching presentation of Vecna, a competing voice was necessary that Jamie fulfilled remarkably. 

Fan reactions to the interpretation of the scariest voice of the season 

Let’s dig into some comments about what opinion fans have about this voice-over. Also Wanna take a look of Jamie Campbell see the video pinned in the tweet below!

A fan asked do all the actors have to re-shoot their voice like Jamie is doing here.

On the other hand, one gave a shout out to this talented man appreciating his skills.

Another fan tweeted that she has never adored a heinous monster like Vecna, But Jamie even made him look pleasing to the audience.

Certainly, it’s an out of question topic how much fans liked the intervention of Vecna in the form of Jamie. As they even defended him for being misunderstood in the series. Therefore, his dedication to his role was reflected in his voice as he held that evilness in his eyes while speaking those dialogues of Vecna. Season 4 volume 2 is streaming on Netflix right now.

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