EXPLAINED: Origins Of Vecna And Every Relation Between 001, Henry Creel, Dr. Martin Brenner, And Eleven In ‘Stranger Things

EXPLAINED: Origins Of Vecna And Every Relation Between 001, Henry Creel, Dr. Martin Brenner, And Eleven In ‘Stranger Things

Every ending has a beginning! The appalling adventures in Hawkins do have a long-standing history of supernatural horrors. It all began even before any character would have imagined. The pioneering experiment of Upside Down has finally been staged this season. And like every curious fan, every spectator would have imagined who is 001? If the number goes to the main character of Stranger Things ‘Eleven’. Let’s unleash the hidden secrets of Vecna’s descent and its relation to National Hawkins Laboratory.

Introduction of the first psychic 001 in Stranger Things Season 4 

Finally, the series is moving its cycle back to the emergence when the audience is introduced to 001 in episode 5. The first patient under Dr. Martin Brenner’s care with psychic abilities. Eleven goes with Dr. Owens to a secret laboratory where she encounters Papa once again. In order to regain her powers, Eleven is drifted by Dr. Martin to her hindered memories. The events somehow result in unshackling the powers of Eleven and she obtains them back. Unknowingly for the first time, 001 is seen in the memory recollections of Eleven who keeps calling her “sleepyhead”

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001 is shown as a friendly companion in the lab who looks over all the children. However, he is continuously shown around Eleven. In the rainbow room, he reveals about the first patient of Papa which Eleven considered a myth. He also tells struggling Eleven that strength can be found in the combined moment of grief and anger. Ultimately this helps Eleven in winning over the most powerful boy in the lab.

The crumbling walls of Hawkins National Laboratory in Season 4 

Later, on the same night of fighting the failed boy takes revenge on Eleven and wounds her. Whereas the orderly shows Eleven a way to escape from the lab. And in return, she removes Soteria from his body. Finally, the orderly reveals himself as 001 and kills most of the people in the lab.







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The ending of the episode discloses that 001 is Henry Creel son of Victor Creel. He is the one who killed his family to gain power and framed murders on his father. Henry then joined Dr. Martin Brenner and has been living with him all these years. Also, the series of events tells that young Eleven trapped 001 in Upside Down. So he turned into Vecna, captured in an underground world. Now haunts people, damages their minds, and kills them to possess more power.

And now when Eleven has gained her powers there is going to be an ultimate war between 001 and 11. That will be soon found in the second volume of Stranger Things Season 4.

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