Are Will Byers and Vecna Somehow Alike? What Is Up With Them and the Sensations on Their Necks?

Are Will Byers and Vecna Somehow Alike? What Is Up With Them and the Sensations on Their Necks?

The Vanishing of Will Byers is the title of the first episode of Netflix’s Stranger Things. While Eleven is the show’s supernatural superhero, it is Will Byers who kicks off the drama, magically escapes the Upside Down, subsequently witnesses the Mind Flayer approaching Hawkins in visions, vomits up creatures, and still has a preternatural link to Vecna in Season 4 Volume 2. Will informs Mike that he can sense Vecna, which is the sole indication that he survived.

And now, looking back at the previous season, it is clear that it was Vecna communicating with Will. It makes you wonder if the two are connected. Well, a fan spotted an amazing detail proving that Will has a Harry Potter-Voldemort type connection with Vecna. And we are all for it.

Will Byers and Vecna have a lot in common

In the first batch of episodes for Stranger Things 4, we got to know the origin of the King of Upside Down, Vecna aka 001 aka Henry Creel. Henry, just like Eleven, was a test subject of Dr Brenner‘s experiment.

That’s where Henry met El and tricked her into getting the Soteria out that was planted in his neck. After getting the inhibitor out of Henry’s neck, it leaves a defined scar on the villain’s neck. 

A fan has noticed that whenever Will senses Vecna or happenings in Upside Down, he also feels something at the same part of the neck where Henry’s Soteria was.

It is similar to Harry Potters connection with Voldemort through the scar on his forehead. There are many theories about what part Will shall play in the fifth and final season of Stranger Things.

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 Many believe that Vecna is going to use Will as a vessel to carry out his evil plan for him.

But one thing is for sure: The connection that Will and Vecna share, highlighted through the sensation on the neck, is going to play a major part in the show’s ultimate season.

What do you guys think will happen to Will in the show’s final season? Will Vecna manipulate him, or is Will Byers going to gain powers? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

The entire four seasons of Stranger Things are currently streaming only on Netflix.

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