Jamie Campbell’s THIS Quirky Habit Makes Him The Perfect Vecna In Stranger Things 4

Jamie Campbell’s THIS Quirky Habit Makes Him The Perfect Vecna In Stranger Things 4

Watching Stranger Things season 4 has been one of the scariest yet entertaining experiences of this year. The season outpaced every single web show on Netflix and gained the top 1 position. And a major part of the credit goes to Vecna, who terrorized people with his psychic powers. On the other hand, Jamie Campbell who portrayed Vecna had to battle his fears and switch his practices to fit into the character. There is an unusual backstory behind the incarnation of this villain that Jamie shared with people. Something that viewers might have never expected from a human being like him.

Why is Vecna always surrounded by spiders in the Stranger Things season 4?

Jamie shared a peculiar yet hilarious story with Variety in one of his interviews where he talked about his fear of spiders. He said that he had a phobia of spiders since childhood while growing up he has tried to work on it. Jamie believed in the theory that all the creatures on this planet have similar feelings. And that by focusing on his spirituality he can make that fear go away.

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He added that he read somewhere that if you stare at a specific thing for 20 minutes, you will fall in love with it instantly. So Jamie did the same thing with black widows to start liking spiders because they are the harbingers of Vecna in Stranger Things 4.

I ended up buying a vial of black widows and I would stare at them for hours and fall in love with them,” remarked Bower in his interview.

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Furthermore, we also got to know that he kept a vial of black widows during the entire shoot. He especially bought them from a store in Atlanta and used to stare at them for hours. Also, to dwell on the character of Henry Creel, he kept a drawing book like him, in which he would draw the black widows to adore them again.

Jamie Campbell is the reason fans favored Vecna, overlooking his evilness and unlimited murders. It’s fascinating to see ho Are you a  hardcore fan of Jamie’s acting?

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