Fans Throw Disgust Over Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Heartstopper’ Crossover in Eddie Munson

Fans Throw Disgust Over Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Heartstopper’ Crossover in Eddie Munson

SinceSeason 4, Vol. 2 of Stranger Things premiered, it has given fans time to think about what will happen in the show’s fifth and final season. It is a top-rated show worldwide, so it might be hard to make an ending that lives up to viewers’ expectations. And, at this level, it’s hard not to think about other shows and the possible crossovers they can have with the Netflix Original.

Stranger Things and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are great examples. There are a lot of fans of each of these supernatural franchises. Crossovers are the only way to make their fans happy, after all. But sometimes, some crossovers might end up as disasters. Let’s show you what we are talking about.

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A Stranger Things, Heartstopper, and Bridgerton crossover no one asked for

Do you all remember Stranger Things season 4’s most beloved and unforgettable character, Eddie Munson? Even though he appeared in just one season, this character gained immense popularity. His glorified death, where he dies singing “Master of Puppets” by Metallica, gave everybody chills. Although his first introduction painted a picture of an intolerable bully, Eddie turned out to be a true friend by the end. He amassed adoration worldwide and is someone everybody’s been talking about months after the season’s conclusion.

While we are still healing after the heartwrenching death of Eddie, Netflix UK & Ireland took to their official Twitter account to rub some salt on the wounds. It obviously includes Eddie and the two most unexpected characters from Netflix. If you think that, like Marvel, these crossovers must be from some hot-shot sci-fi, you are wrong.

These are from Netflix’s two immensely popular shows but of totally different genres: Bridgerton and Heartstopper. One is a romance drama from the Regency era in England, and the other is a coming-of-age rom-com teen drama. Both of these shows are British and are equally loved by the fans. Two popular characters’ faces from these shows were morphed with Eddie’s iconic hairstyle. These characters are Joe Locke from Heartsopper in the first picture and Lord Anthony from Bridgerton in the second. Netflix might have found it interesting, but fans have discarded this crossover.

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The crossover ends up being a disaster

Fans didn’t take this attempt at humor by Netflix UK & Ireland too kindly. They were as quick to cancel the crossover as the streamer is with its shows.

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Clearly, fans are dissatisfied with this crossover. Let’s hope Netflix comes up with something spectacular to cheer them up. Better yet, bring Eddie back. What do you think can make fans feel better after this unexpected crossover?

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