Fans Bring to Light a Forgotten Potential Love Interest For Will Byers From ‘Stranger Things’ Season 1

Fans Bring to Light a Forgotten Potential Love Interest For Will Byers From ‘Stranger Things’ Season 1

If there’s something that’s popularly being discussed almost all the time Stranger Things comes up in a talk, it’s Will Byers’ love interest. Right from the very first season, his romantic arc is something that has attracted the masses. Not only because he took none of the girls who had a crush on him seriously but also because it is something that addresses a serious concern within the present-day scenario. As we have seen from the very first episode of Netflix’s flagship show, Will is the kid who’s always been on wringers.

There are two major reasons for the same. First, he’s the only kid who feels a different kind of connection to Vecna’s sinister world. Second, he’s been the victim of homophobia since his childhood. However, it was not until the massive fourth outing that Noah Schnapp’s character confirmed that he is gay. And amidst all this, we almost forgot his season one’s minor love interest.

Who’s a character in Stranger Things that has totally been forgotten about? from StrangerThings

Although she never reappeared in the show even once, Will sure would have had that funny feeling in his stomach when Dustin Henderson may have told him all about his so-called funeral. Ahead of Stranger Things 5 release, fans had a small talk about all the forgotten characters. And that’s when they shed light on Will’s overlooked love interest.

Will Byers’ love interest from Stranger Things 1 that you probably forgot

Remember the only girl crying at Will Byers’ funeral when everyone thought he was dead, but he was actually alive in the Upside Down? And how Dustin immediately took it as a hint and told his friends giggling in the middle of his mourning period. Yes, we are indeed talking about the beautiful girl, Jennifer Hayes who went to middle school with them. However, it was the only scene when she apparently appeared in the show. Even the girl with whom Will danced in season two was not Hayes.

Remembering Hayes again, fans were quick to ruminate about why we never saw her again in the later seasons of Stranger Things.

Fans then explain that when Will got to know about her, he was probably in the hospital, and then there was a jump in time until the second season came. Hence, we never actually got to know how he took in the news. However, we now know that he is gay and we are proud of him for being honest with the girls in his own ways. This season, we also hope that Byers, who’s also speculated to give up his life to save the township of Hawkins, actually has a happy ending. And if not Mike, he gets to meet the boy of his dreams in Stranger Things 5.

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