“Byler” Takes Over Twitter Trends As ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Celebrate Will Byers And Mike Wheeler As A Possible Couple On The Show

“Byler” Takes Over Twitter Trends As ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Celebrate Will Byers And Mike Wheeler As A Possible Couple On The Show

Will Byers and Mike Wheeler have attracted incredible attention from the audience of Stranger Things. This has led to a never-ending debate about whether they will be seen as a couple together or not. It all started with season 4 when Will started feeling insecure about Eleven and Mike’s relationship because his best friend had grown distant from him in the past few months.

Who once assured him that he can always rely on him because he will be there for him in every situation seemed out of reach for Will. With changing dynamics of the show, fans wondered if this duo has a spark between them. The “Byler” fandom is eagerly waiting for this speculation to come true. Their love for ship even took over Twitter.

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Fans have created beautiful pictures and theories as Twitter is overflowing with Byler tag

Among several amazing post, one fan posted a wedding clip where Eleven and Mike are getting married. The fan stated that Mike will leave his first love Byers in the end.

Another posted an animated picture of the duo where Mike is kissing Will and he feels shy like always.

One fan also posted a beautiful edit with Olivia Rodrigo song in background.

More fan art and wishes followed, as fans hoped for a Byler ending in Stranger Things season 5.


Well, we don’t know if Will and Mike will be a thing or not. But they certainly are great friends and fans will never stop loving them or shipping them.

Will and Mike have a heart-to-heart connection displayed in Stranger Things season 4

Although the show hasn’t explicitly shown that Will is gay but his actions make it quite evident. Moreover, the cast members of the series have given hint about his sexuality. Noah Schnapp the portrayer himself told Variety:

“I think it is done so beautifully because it’s so easy to make a character just like all of a sudden be gay.”

Moreover, the scene where Mike apologizes for his behavior to Will revealed he cares for his best friend. Will has always lacked in communicating his feelings towards others. But being a good friend Mike understood the pain he might be in. And fans love the way they support each other and wish to see them together in the upcoming season.

When season 5 reaches us, we will know if fans’ desires will manifest or not. Until then, it’s anyone’s best guess. What is your guess about Byler storyline?

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