Stranger Things Fans Are Just Realizing The Disturbing Connotations Around Will Byers in Season 1

Stranger Things Fans Are Just Realizing The Disturbing Connotations Around Will Byers in Season 1

From season one’s sweet boy to a handsome man with perfectly pitched vocals in season 4; the journey of Will Byers the Wise is one of the most fascinating ones in this gore series. While each of the characters has their own unique story in Stranger Things; It is the relationship and moral values each of them shares that help the series which otherwise revolves around slaying blood-curdling demons to win the hearts of millions.

With the arrival of the first part of the fourth season of this eerie series, fans have speculated many theories. Some are funny, others are more sensational. Like NFL stars, some have even found their very own Stranger Things doppelgangers. Here’s one more fan theory we came across on Twitter:

Some fans think Will Byers was a prey of homophobia in the initial and sophomore seasons of Stranger Things

Trigger Warning: Though nothing harmful, we would warn you priorly that it may trigger a reader’s emotion. However, it is just a fan’s connotation and one can always read it as a brilliant fan theory.

We all know that even in the 21st century, it is really hard for someone to come out with their true identity. Like many other characters from different stories around the world; Our sweet and shy Will the Wise too has had to face many struggles. According to the fans, he was queer-coded from the very beginning of Stranger Things. In this Tweet, fans share their theories about all the bullies Will has faced throughout the series because of his popularly assumed gender identity.

It is also immediately evident in the series. For instance, when he went missing in the very first season of Stranger Things, the school bullies joked “he was off in fairyland.” His mother also revealed to Hopper that her ex-husband and Will’s dad used to call him “homophobic slurs.

Even in the second and third seasons, Will was the one to keep his emotions to himself. His best friend Mike also attacked him by saying, “It’s not my problem that you don’t like girls,” when Will grew insecure about his relationship with Eleven. Further, ever since the arrival of Stranger Things, fans have hoped for a happy ending for Will Byers. And we can only keep that hope going and wish a good life to our beloved Byres. 

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