Michael Jackson too Expensive For ‘Stranger Things’? Fans Predict Why the “King of Pop” is Missing From The 80s Culture-Heavy Series

Michael Jackson too Expensive For ‘Stranger Things’? Fans Predict Why the “King of Pop” is Missing From The 80s Culture-Heavy Series

From hairstyles to clothing, from cars to infrastructure, from balls to rock music. Stranger Things has always been high in the 80s pop culture. Evidently, the series opens with a proper 80s romance between hot and popular Steve and shy and intelligent Nancy. The cycles, the science teacher, Hopper’s music interest, Double VHS, and the Hawkins Lab itself are reminiscent of the 80s lifestyle. 

Stranger Things and ‘80s pop culture go hand in hand

Throughout the series, Duffer Brothers have undoubtedly sprinkled in so many references to 80s homages. For Instance, songs such as Never Surrender by Corey Hart which was playing in the background during the sizzling make-out session of Mike and Eleven. Or the Bryan Adams cassettes on Eleven’s shelves. The Tom Selleck series, Magnum P.I. that Hopper enjoys, or the movies at the theatre. 

Further Jams such as Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon (Remember When Hopper is frustrated with his daughters’ newfound relationship). Or the iconic Jam played when Mrs. Wheeler decided not to cheat her husband. And that pre-’80s track Hopper was vibing on when he successfully scared Mike away. The first single by Kate Bush helps save Max from Vecna’s curse. And well, the list goes on. What we know is- all this boils down to one conclusion: Stranger Things and ‘80s pop culture go hand in hand.

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However, one thing that might bug us all is why there’s no homage or reference to the king of pop culture himself. Yes, we are indeed talking about the greatest of all, Michael Jackson. While we do not have any on or off-record explanation for it, fans have made their own speculations. Here’s what the fans think:

Fans speculate MJ is too expensive to be in this hit series

In a recent post on Reddit, fans discussed why Michael Jackson hasn’t even once appeared in the series. Well, this should be thought upon because the ‘80s were the peak time of his career. It was also the time when the masses made many connotations about his personal life. 

Where the hell is Michael Jackson? from StrangerThings

Some fans speculate MJ is way too expensive for Stranger Things. They also explain how his entire career is pretty much copy-right and they are very selective about who gets to use it. Other fans suggest it could be because of the trauma the documentary Leaving Neverland (HBO, 2019) caused. 

There’s an explanation that they have alluded to him in the funeral outfits. Others explain that Stranger Things isn’t entirely an 80s glee and many bands and pop culture artists of that time are left out. However, only Duffer Brothers can explain the aptness of each of these explanations.

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What are your thoughts on this? Do let us know in the comment section. Also, do not forget, the most awaited volume of Stranger Things season 4 drops out on July 1st, only on Netflix.

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