The Scoop Ahoy! Duo Maya Hawke and Joe Keery Approve This Wild ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Theory

The Scoop Ahoy! Duo Maya Hawke and Joe Keery Approve This Wild ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Theory

Stranger Things went on a month-long break after Volume 1. And this definitely upped the anticipation among fans who continue to produce wild theories concerning the show and the characters. The cast got together to read some of the fan theories and discuss their thoughts on them. One particular theory caught Maya Hawke and Joe Keery’s attention. The duo shows off their nerdy charms off-screen as well! 

A wild theory suggests the entire plot is a just an elaborate D&D game

Robin actor Maya Hawke and Steve actor Joe Keery are friendship goals as they consider the possibility of the show as a D&D game. A Redditor suggested that the kids are all grown up and they are only fantasizing about their childhood nightmares. It got the duo’s approval as they started thinking about whether they are still main characters or just “bards”. But they quickly accept the kids as main characters and start suggesting actors that could play their older versions. During the discussions, Natalie Portman and Bill Hader’s names cropped up to play Millie and Finn respectively. 

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Some Stranger Things fan theories turned out accurate 

One fan suggested that Robin and Nancy become friends and Nancy sacrifices herself to save Robin. It turned out partly correct, as the girls did stick together for Volume 1. Whereas another predicted Jonathan and Nancy’s break-up and his addiction to weed. The couple did hit a rough patch in Volume 1 and Jonathan was shown smoking weed with Argyle. Fan’s theory about Max gaining powers turned out wrong, but she did get possessed only to snap out of it. 

Another interesting theory suggested that all characters that had names starting with B had died. And Steve piped in Maya’s character’s full name is Robin Bobbin Buckley. So that makes her a possible target this season.

So many theories point out a main character’s death. Well, we will find out their fate when Stranger Things Volume 2 arrives on July 1. It’s better to prepare yourself for the worst as the gang is dealing with crazy stuff and even the Duffer brothers are worried for them!

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