Is Eddie Munson Returning To ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5? Joseph Quinn Has Multiple Answers For It And All Of Them Are The Exact Same: “I don’t know”

Is Eddie Munson Returning To ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5? Joseph Quinn Has Multiple Answers For It And All Of Them Are The Exact Same: “I don’t know”

Exceeding the expectations of fans, Stranger Things season 4 broke all the records of viewership and fame this year. The show arrived at the right time hitting the minds of viewers with new characters and locations. This is the first time we meet Joseph Quinn playing a freakish youngster studying with Mike and Dustin at Hawkins High. His tragic death in the final moments of the show broke people’s hearts. As he captivated fans quickly with his eccentric style and affinity.

Many fans showed their sympathy toward the character in unique ways. While others revolted against his misfitting death in Upside Down. In case you are not aware of the speculations and theories going on social media regarding the comeback of Eddie Munson in season 5. We will take you to the interview where Quinn reacted to the constant question about him coming back into the show. 

Joseph Quinn answers all the maddening speculations of season 5 in a simple line

Joseph Quinn recently joined Scott Evans on the sets of Access Hollywood to talk about his life-changing experience with Stranger Things. During the conversation, Scott asked Quinn if there is any chance that Eddie might come back in season 5. 

Replying to the most speculated question he said: 

“He feels kind of gone, it feels pretty hard to bring him back, I’d say, but, I don’t know, I don’t know.” 

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Joseph constantly repeated the sentence “I don’t know” because this question has been the talk of the town since he died. And he is asked the same thing everywhere he goes. So he just made it clear to everyone that he doesn’t know yet what will happen in season 5. 

In addition, the actor replied to Scott’s other question that he is not included in any planning of the show. Because the creators haven’t talked to him about anything after season 4. Take a look at the whole video pinned below: 

Meanwhile, the actor became emotional several times seeing the love and support his fans showed even after his death in the season. Season 4 brought him so much love that nobody imagined when they cast him for the role of Eddie Munson.

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But they knew the choice was right so Quinn’s talent outshined making him the most lovable character. Do you want to see our Metalhead again in the frame of Stranger Things? Feel free to leave your comments about the revival of Eddie in season 5. 

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