Joseph Quinn Would Give Millie Bobby Brown and Julia Garner a Run for Their Money, With His Grasp at Various Accents

Joseph Quinn Would Give Millie Bobby Brown and Julia Garner a Run for Their Money, With His Grasp at Various Accents

Joseph Quinn burst onto the scene as the edgy metalhead Eddie in the latest installment of Stranger Things. The newest addition to the show was a delight for the fans as he continued to carve out a place for himself in fans’ hearts throughout the runtime. 

The British actor recently made an appeal on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he showed off his multiple accents. The actor also shared his insecurity in becoming Dustin’s “side Joe”.

Joseph Quinn pulls off multiple accents while doing scenes from Stranger Things 

Right before Joseph Quinn came along, the two undisputed queens when it came to accents were Julia Garner and Millie Bobby Brown. Garner made headlines with his mixed accent on Anna Delvey, and Brown shocked everyone with her original accent in Enola Holmes. Not far behind is Tick Tick Boom’s Andrew Garfield. But they have some tough competition from Quinn now.

The actor pulled off Scottish, Welsh, Liverpool, Australian as well as New York accents perfectly! He even added a slight lisp to his Scottish accent. Furthermore, the actor shared that it’s easier to pull off the loud Liverpool accent thanks to his mum who is from Liverpool. 

The British actor had previously mentioned that he was paranoid about his American accent. He even reached out to his co-star, Joe Keery for help. Seeing how good he is at doing different accents, Quinn’s worries were useless. Fans couldn’t even tell that he wasn’t American from his accent on Stranger Things!

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The actor had apprehensions about playing Dustin’s Side Joe

Quinn was fully aware of the bromance between Steve and Dustin. The two became friends in season 2 when Steve tried to keep the kids alive, proving himself reliable. Their bromance continued in both seasons 3 and 4. The actor wasn’t sure he wanted to step in between them. He wasn’t sure that fans would like him rocking the dynamics between the two. But as it turns out fans adored him. He not only became Dustin’s idol but also got along pretty well with Steve.

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