“Why Do You Look Poor?”: Millie Bobby Brown Imitates Anna Delvey’s Accent From Inventing Anna and You Can’t Distinguish It From Julia Garner

“Why Do You Look Poor?”: Millie Bobby Brown Imitates Anna Delvey’s Accent From Inventing Anna and You Can’t Distinguish It From Julia Garner

Millie Bobby Brown is not only the most talented actor at the young age of 18. But she is such an amazing individual that can give people twice her age a run for their money. Millie has been mesmerizing the whole world ever since we saw her as a young runaway girl with a mysterious past in the first season of Stranger Things.

But what was even more mysterious and brilliant was how Millie tricked the whole world into thinking she was an American. But in fact, she is a proper British who is extremely good at an American accent. However, Millie has again surprised the world. This time she has not just done an accent but impersonated someone who is already an impersonator.

Millie Bobby Brown is amazing at accents

You should know you are great at something when Netflix makes a whole video on it. And for Millie Bobby Brown, it’s her ability to pick up accents and become exceptionally good at them. No one in the world would’ve guessed while watching Enola Holmes that it was Brown’s original accent in the film. And she has proved her talent yet again.

In an interview, she was talking about how the famous Hannah Montana show helped her to pick accents. Millie said that accents have always been easy to pick for her as long as she sees them for long.

And when asked which show she was watching nowadays, she replied, Inventing AnnaAnd with little further ado, Millie did an exceptional Anna Delvey accent that was so similar to Julia Garner that anyone could have mistaken it for the original actress’s voice.

Millie said, “Run it again! It must be your system! Why do you look poor?” in a perfect German/Russian accent while retelling how she fooled a hotel staff after her card got declined.

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But she did not just stop there. After doing a perfect Anna, she even impersonated Winona Ryder’s Joyce from Stranger Things‘ first season.

Julia Garner is herself great at accents, something which could be seen in the four seasons of Ozark. But being able to copy her accent just by watching and without the aid of a vocal coach is pure magic to us.

Millie Bobby Brown and the entire gang will return to screen on May 27th as Stranger Things returns for its fourth season.

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