Stranger Things Iconic Trio Murray, Hopper, and Joyce Get Their Individual Posters for Season 4 With One Common Thing

Stranger Things Iconic Trio Murray, Hopper, and Joyce Get Their Individual Posters for Season 4 With One Common Thing

It isn’t just our kiddie gang that is separated in Stranger Things season 4. Joyce, Murray, and Hopper are all in different parts of the country. But a recent poster and the trailer indicate the reunion of the Eagle’s Nest! Dustin was really smart to come up with the names for the gangs in season 3. It has really caught on! Now without further ado let’s break down the poster.

Decoding the Stranger Things season 4 poster

Hopper, Joyce, and Murray are engulfed in red and blue clouds. The difference in the color implies the two locations,  the Upside Down and Russia, and their connection to each other. The blue clouds represent the dreadful winter of Russia. Right below them sits a tower, which we assume is an overwatch tower. 

Previously in season 3, we learned the Russians were trying to open a portal to the Upside Down. The gang stops them but loses Hopper who sacrifices himself to the Upside Down. Fans had speculated that the American Prisoner was Hopper and now it’s confirmed. Hopper is a prisoner in what looks like a Russian prison camp. We see plenty of towers and barbed wires in the trailer. We see glimpses of the old Hopper getting his hands tied. He’s clearly confused when the officials put a gas mask over him. Next, we see a more toughened up, buzzed cut, and battle-ready Hopper who lights his weapon to fight a Demogorgon. 

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Elsewhere in California, Joyce received a strange parcel with Russian postage stamps. Hopper must have found a way to send a message to Joyce through the parcel.

It doesn’t take her long to team up with Murray and get a private jet to crash in Russian territory. But assuming that the project is confidential, the location is clearly remote and off the map which explains the private jet. We can clearly expect some epic showdowns at the camp. 

How many more days till the series arrives on Netflix?

Only 25 days left for the Stranger Things season 4 premiere. Fans will finally get the answers after a long wait on May 27th. 

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