“I like to set big goals for myself”: Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Walks Us Through Her Empowering Directorial Debut and Future Aspirations

“I like to set big goals for myself”: Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Walks Us Through Her Empowering Directorial Debut and Future Aspirations

Millie Bobby Brown’s overnight fame after her Stranger things debut, put her in a lime light since she was 12 years old. She was the only girl among four boys of the same age, and completely stood out because of her nonchalant acting skills. In a recent interview, Millie Bobby Brown, opened up about the experience of her directorial debut.

Millie Bobby Brown’s interview about the short story she directed

In a collaboration with Samsung, the 18-year-old directed a short movie in which she also starrs. The movie was shot on Samsung’s latest phone, the Galaxy S22’s and its Nitography features, by her brother Charlie Brown. The short story features a poem written by Millie herself, being narrated by her with the backdrop of an aerial-silk performance of her. Here’s the short movie:

The movie conveys the strong themes of growth, resilience, fighting through, and surviving. The short film came in time with the excitement for Stranger Things season 4, and soon after her selection as a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton.

Millie talks about her experience as a director

In a recent interview with TeenVogueMillie Bobby Brown answered questions regarding the short story and how she approached it as a director. She was also asked where her poem writing and aerial skills come from.

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Speaking about how she approaches the film as a director she said, I like to set big goals for myself, and because most directors are usually men and typically not 18, it was kind of always a huge goal for me to crack that barrier, to jump over that hurdle with strength and courage because it’s a scary role to fill.”

Talking about how she got over those hurdles, she explained her directorial process. Which consisted of making a mood board and a shot list with her brother; and rehearsing all of it on the set before shooting it. This directorial process was inspired by how she likes to be filmed as an actress.

Millie talks about her experience with aerial silks

Telling them about her aerial skills, she said she started learning aerial silk a month before shooting the film. She thinks aerial silks are feminine and really poetic. She said, “What makes you feel empowered?” I kept going back to silks.”

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She spoke about how her collaboration with Samsung came about. She said, “It really came about because we definitely love creating together, but not only that, to shine a light on female directors.” 

The actress will appear in the upcoming new season of Stranger Things! Till then stream the other seasons on Netflix.


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