Peanuts’ Charlie Brown Sends ‘Stranger Things’ Star Millie Bobby Brown Fans Into Frenzy Because of THIS Observation

Peanuts’ Charlie Brown Sends ‘Stranger Things’ Star Millie Bobby Brown Fans Into Frenzy Because of THIS Observation

We all know the great coincidence with Marvel Cinematic Universe and actors named Chris. But never did we think that fans of Millie Bobby Brown would point out a coincidence between her family and a popular comic strip that has made us all chuckle for many years now.

Find out which of her family member is sharing a name with a “lovable loser” we all watched growing up.

Millie Bobby Brown has an older brother named Charlie

Millie Bobby Brown was born to Kelly and Robert Brown, along with three other siblings, into a big British family. The Stranger Things and Enola Holmes actor has one brother and two sisters, all of whom she is close with and about whom she likes to brag on Instagram.

Charlie, Millie’s older brother, is also a brilliant photographer. However, unlike his younger sister, Charlie prefers to keep his personal life out of spotlight.

But it looks like the spotlight has found him. A recent tweet by a user has pointed out that Millie’s brother is named Charlie. Thus, his name is Charlie Brown. Does it ring any bells?

Charlie Brown is the main character of the Peanuts comic strip, which is published in daily and Sunday newspapers all over the world. It is an extremely fun revelation made by the user. It does make us wonder if his parents, in fact, named Charlie after Snoppy’s best friend.

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What are people saying?

Obviously, the discovery took people by surprise upon finding this amazing discovery and they were quick to react. Here are some of the tweets expressing the people’s feelings

In addition to a brother, Millie has two sisters. Paige, Millie’s gifted older sister, is presently co-producing a Netflix film called A Time Lost. It is likely to be released soon. And Millie has a younger sister Ava.

Millie will be returning in the highly awaited season of Stranger Things, which will stream on Netflix from May 27th.

Were you a fan of the Peanuts growing up? Let us know in the comments below.

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