David Harbour on Hopper’s Fate and What More He Has in Store After ‘Stranger Things’ 4

David Harbour on Hopper’s Fate and What More He Has in Store After ‘Stranger Things’ 4

Stranger Things’ latest season saw some drastic changes among all its characters. From the teenage kids turning into young adults and the ones with dad bods into some macho man, we saw it all. Take look at what our favorite David Harbour aka Jim Hopper, had to say about Strangers Things 4, the yet-to-come final season, and a lot more of his upcoming movies and shows.

David Harbour’s incredible transformation all the way through the latest seasons of Strangers Things

Bringing in such tremendous changes in physical appearance takes a lot for any actor, and so it did for David Harbour too. Months of vigorous exercise and a neck-tight diet with a heavy schedule resulted in what the fourth and the most intense season yet, demanded of Hopper.

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The star even had to control his appetite to shoot some of his scenes, like the one showdown scene with the Russians. Others that had him shirtless required an even tighter check on his diet. In contrast to his overweight body in season one, his present image is one of a much healthier man.

It was evident in how Hopper ordered his lasagna on the set, had the entire tray to himself, and dove in like a maniac. Having to spend time in an actual Russian prison to get the scenes on point, our man deserves an Eggo’s breakfast, at least occasionally, for giving us those utterly savage scenes right off the bat.

Where else should we expect David Harbour apart from Stranger Things?

After having his fair share of spine-chilling scenes in Stranger Things, the actor is currently preparing to appear in Theresa. It is in Rebeck’s latest play, Mad House, which will be available in Ambassador Theatre in London by September 4th. Struggling through schizophrenia, David Harbour, as Michael, is discharged from a mental institution. Things only worsen as he now has to look after his dying father while handling his own health. In addition to the already tense situation, his siblings arrive who do not really help to cope with their issues.

Given David’s personal problems with bipolar disorder, merely in his 20s, it makes it an even more sensitive role for him to play the part. With the grand success of Strangers Things, David has been offered roles to play in various plays and movies. For instance, Rolodex of great roles” from Tennessee Williams, Eugene O’Neill, and Shakespeare.I realized I would like to do a new play and I would like it to be a woman’s voice. And immediately Theresa popped into my mind.Said Harbour.

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What do you guys think about David’s new projects? Are you guys excited to see him in Stranger Things’ final season? Share your answers with us in the comments.

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