Fans Furious Over Duffer Brothers’ Attempt To Whitewash Creepy Jonathan Byers Deeds From Stranger Things Season 1

Fans Furious Over Duffer Brothers’ Attempt To Whitewash Creepy Jonathan Byers Deeds From Stranger Things Season 1

Stranger Things fans always keep their eyes on the show and scan every small change. Like they have been informing Duffer Brothers about tiny mistakes in the series because they love to treasure every moment of the show and remain observant of these switches. Because the creators are famous for “George Lucas-ing” things, they have made several edits in scenes.

Like they say, they love to learn from their mistakes as no art can be perfect. But it seems that this time their attempt has infuriated fans spotting a change in season one. Here is how fans found out and reacted to the Jonathan Byers creepy moment in the first season.

The experiment on Stranger Things season 1 has backfired on Duffer Brothers

Charlie Heaton has played the role of Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things, the older son of Joyce Byers. In season one, we saw Jonathan guilt-ridden as he failed to protect his brother Will. He didn’t believe his mother that Will is trapped in the walls of their home. Because he thinks Joyce is having a mental breakdown since the boy is nowhere to be found. Whereas he keeps on collecting evidence and searching for his brother relentlessly.

A recent revelation by Insider that Duffers have made edits in one of those scenes of Jonathan left fans furious. Now fans have spotted the change in The Weirdo on Maple Street episode to cover his misled actions. When he finds his schoolmates chilling at a forest house and his crush Nancy Wheeler is also there. So he starts taking photographs and eventually goes far away from the limits as he captured Nancy and Steve having an intimate moment from the bedroom’s window.

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The creators tried to correct this overlooked mistake by cutting the shot where Nancy starts to undress. Fan saw this altered scene and instantly shared it on social media, complaining to the creators. Why did they change the scene from Nancy to turn his direction to Barb Holland just to make the image of Jonathan Byers clear in the eyes of fans? However, the viewers have sympathy towards the Byers family, who have fragile emotions and are mostly inexpressible people.

Fans reacted to the altered scene of Jonathan Byers photographing Vulnerable Nancy

Fans are annoyed at cutting that photo moment of the outcast high schooler Jonathan.

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Well, this is not the first time the creators are being roasted for their edits in the show, as we saw fans highlighting Will’s birthday in season 4 of Stranger Things. Have you spotted the changes in season 1 like that fans are stating? Go watch it right away. Do enlighten us with the whole thing in the comment box.

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