Does Mr. Clarke Already Know About Everything That Happened in Hawkins?

Does Mr. Clarke Already Know About Everything That Happened in Hawkins?

Every show has that one astonishingly intelligent character who hides in the shadows until required and all of sudden, a ray of hope comes to the rescue and saves the day for all of the main protagonists. Likewise in Stranger Things, though we have a myriad of unique and powerful characters who are masters of their own spheres, we have a secret helper that most of us might have forgotten to acknowledge.

Stranger Things’ Mr. Scott Clark: the mastermind behind the operations of the Hawkins gang

Yes, undoubtedly it’s none other than Mr. Clark. The Google of his time. The junior school Science teacher and the head of the A.V club who has always helped the kids with various science projects. He’s the one who gave the key to Dustin to find the whereabouts of Will and to understand the mysteries of Vecna. Be it learning about dimensions and how to transcend through them or the mechanisms of how a virus finds a host body, he has a keen interest to help the kids in every possible way he could.

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This raises the question about his likeness with the kids and why he always helps them out, in a mournful funeral even. Given his intellectual mind and sharp sense of interpreting things, it’s no wonder that he’s perhaps already aware of what exactly is going on in Hawkins. He is not like any other random inhabitant of the town although he ain’t involved in any operations like the Hawkins gang. Even if we didn’t find him in season 4, the key has always been him. And not only the kids, but we also witness him teaching Joyce about magnetic fields and techniques when she desperately wants to find Hopper out from the Russian territory.

“Science is neat, but I’m afraid it’s not very forgiving.”

Considering all of that, it isn’t impossible for him to connect the dots and piece together what the guys were asking about. Therefore in the times of an existential threat hovering over Hawkins, it’s obvious for a character like Mr. Clark who is looked up to as a seasoned paladin to counterbalance the situation.

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