Robin Buckley Opening Up About Her Sexuality in ‘Stranger Things: Rebel Robin’ Will Have You in Tears

Robin Buckley Opening Up About Her Sexuality in ‘Stranger Things: Rebel Robin’ Will Have You in Tears

Stranger Things has taken the world by storm with its distinctive eighties flavor. More than the gore and drama, it is the beautiful character development that intrigues fans the most. Furthermore, the show’s emphasis on nostalgia has grown to be essential, allowing for a myriad of pop culture allusions, Easter eggs, and Spielberg-style storytelling. The show has become such a success that authors like Stephen Christopher and Gwenda Bond published prequel books to the show, providing fans with mind-blowing theories. 

And on top of all, this coming-of-age drama brought us some of the most wholesome queer teens of the 80s. For Instance, in Stranger Things 3fans meet Steve’s new best friend and job partner, Robin. Fans almost believed there was something strong going on between Robin and Steve, as Dustin suggested until they discovered she was gay. However, it didn’t break our heart to see RoSteve isn’t possible. But what made us sad was seeing her struggles to come out queer. Towards the end of the fourth outing, we saw Will finally revealing his gender identity in the most despairing way possible.

Have you ever wondered, though, if it would have been as hard for Robin as well to be a queer in the 80s? Well, all the answers are provided in this Stranger Things book.

Robin calls herself gay in her Stranger Things book

Apparently, author A.R. Cappetta wrote yet another official Stranger Things novel, which chronicles the backstory of Robin Buckley as a queer teenager in Hawkins, Indiana. Sprinkled with Easter eggs that reference our favorite Stranger Things characters, this contemporary coming-of-age story set in the ’80s is about one girl’s realization that the only person she needs to be accepted by is herself. Just like our Will, the weirdest girl of Hawkins high has struggled all her life to fit in.

And in a beautiful paragraph, she refers to herself as lesbian, saying, “As far as being lesbian in Hawkins, I basically won the filial lottery.” It is truly a win for people like her and her character arc. The author totally nails Robin’s voice and fills out her backstory in a way that fits in with everything we know about her.

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It’s also really interesting to see the point of view of someone who didn’t know about the things that were going on in the show and how those events were perceived. Plus, it’s pretty funny! If you’ve been curious about tie-in novels, this is a great place to start.

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