THIS Fan-Made Video is Enough to Justify The Connotations Revolving Around The Identity of Will Byers

THIS Fan-Made Video is Enough to Justify The Connotations Revolving Around The Identity of Will Byers

If we had to define Stranger Things in a few words, we would say a sinister series with the most heartwarming friendships and character arcs ever. Among many, Will Byers has always been a fan favorite character. Maybe it’s because we sympathize with him. Or maybe because his character portrays a significant problem in our society: How it feels to be considered “different” from other fellow human beings just because your choices are not something that fits within the “norms” of society.

Recently some fans questioned the validity of the theory that Will Byers in Stranger Things is Gay, asking where in the series he straightly confesses his true identity? To which a fan replied by sharing a video that will clear all your doubts.

Fan explains why it is obvious that Will Byers is gay in Stranger Things

Sometimes spoon-feeding is not the only way to understand something. We must join the dots hidden in the obvious hints and come to a conclusion. Well, that’s what makes any form of art interesting. There must be twists and turns, plot holes, easter eggs, and those subtle hints to keep fans glued to it. And Duffer Brothers understand this perfectly. Although Stranger Things is about slaying evil monsters, it has more to it. The relationship that its characters share plays a pivotal role in keeping the drama appealing. 

For instance, ever since the first season, fans have been discussing who exactly is Will Byers. Moving forward, it was apparent that our Will the Wise is “different.” No, he isn’t different because he is into boys. If there’s something that makes Will different, it’s his strength and his ability to understand a fellow human being. It was so obvious that he liked Mike, his best friend. The way he looks at him and supports him and is always there explains everything. And then him sacrificing his love because he knows Mike loves El just signifies how pure his love is.

Sadly, they bully him in school; even his father calls him a ‘homophobic slur.’ It left fans devastated when they realized he was being queer-coded by his peers in season 1 of this Netflix sensation. All this aptly explains that Will Byers is Gay. Maybe not directly, but the Brothers have shared enough clues to come to this conclusion. Noah Schnapp also confirmed now that his character is gay. Hence, let’s bring such arguments to rest and just hope Will finds the most amazing boyfriend in Stranger Things. 

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What are your thoughts about Will’s sexuality in Stranger Things? Do you agree with this Tweet? Let us know in the comment section below.

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