Redditors Gush With What Would Noah Schnapp Search History As Will Byers Look Like

Redditors Gush With What Would Noah Schnapp Search History As Will Byers Look Like

Today we all quickly get our hands on the information we want as the availability of the internet has made everything easier and accessible. But there was a time when people didn’t have all these means to get an immediate answer to their problems. Like, Stranger Things explores the fictional town of the 1980s, a classic era when the world did not have advanced technology and resources. Although viewers adored the nostalgic decade of arcade stores, radio, walkman, telephone booths, and polaroids. Have you imagined what it would be like if all the characters had access to the internet in that era? Or what questions the lonely Noah Schnapp aka Will Byers would have asked Google? Well, fans have made their list of how Will might turn to take the help of the internet in finding a solution to his chaotic life. Read on to know more! 

What would Noah Schnapp browse as Will Byers if he had the internet? 

A recent post on Reddit asked the fans to give their opinion about what browsing search Noah would look like. If he browsed all the things that happened to him in the series as Will Byers. Because Will certainly has so many questions about himself like his dressing style, birthday, and most importantly his haircut. The post stated: 

“Make the comments look like this character’s search history”. 

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As fans have already been asking why this cute boy is given that mushroom haircut after all these seasons. So let’s dive into the chain of comments fans have made on Reddit and know what questions they brought up about the character. 

Fan comments that leave you rolling with laughter 

A fan asked what size of the bowl he would need now for his crock haircut since he has grown in season 4.

To which, a fan replied with a hilarious statement saying the size of a toddler bowl.

Another fan put a question remarking his interest in Mike about turning him gay so he might like him back.

While a fan asked how Will can convince his mom to let him choose his hairstyle. As she still considers him the frightened school-going kid.

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Also, a fan added the most desperate wish of Byers that he wanted only boys to hang out without any girls around.

The thread of comments will make you go mad for what amusing questions fans have found for Noah’s search history. However, if you have some unique questions in your mind leave them in the comment box below. All the seasons of Stranger Things are available on the biggest streamer Netflix!

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