Duffer Brothers Apologize To Fans For Forgetting Will Byers’s Birthday In ‘Stranger Things’ 4 And Plan To Fix It By “George Lucas-ing”

Duffer Brothers Apologize To Fans For Forgetting Will Byers’s Birthday In ‘Stranger Things’ 4 And Plan To Fix It By “George Lucas-ing”

The young soft-spoken and artistic boy Will Byers has always been the target of the dark side. Whether it’s season 1 where the Upside Down monster abducted him or in season 2 when his body and mind were controlled by Mind Flayer. But the new season took that beautiful smile from his face as he seemed lost the whole time. However, the mega followers of Stranger Things seem to have found the reason for his passive behavior. According to fans, this is a huge error that remained unnoticed by Duffer Brothers during season 4: They forgot Will’s Birthday.

Everyone forgets Will’s birthday in the Stranger Things season 4

Since true fans notice every small detail, they made it evident through their reactions that Will’s character must be justified. Will Byers, who has been under the spotlight from the beginning, didn’t get to celebrate his special day this season. Creators, his friends, and even his beloved family forgot his birthday as everyone is so occupied in volume 1. However, Duffer Brothers have assured fans that they will surely fix this mistake soon. And they also apologized to the audience for letting people’s hope down while appreciating their keenness.

“The funny thing is: The Duffers don’t even need to hire someone to keep track of the show’s timeline and lore … they could just crib from the community of devoted fans who update the Stranger Things Wiki,”

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In addition, they promised viewers that they will give a clear distinction on Will’s sexuality in the upcoming episodes. Above all, nothing is explicitly defined by directors yet but viewers might get some clearance on the viral bromance. So, there’s much to expect from volume 2 of Stranger Things season 4.

Will this birthday promise bring satisfaction to the followers of Stranger Things?

Duffer Brothers stated in their conversation with Variety that they will make changes to William’s birthday and choose May. They said they would be George Lucasing the whole situation and improvising it with screen effects and editing.

“We’re thinking his new birthday … is going to be May 22nd, because “May” can fit in Winona’s mouth,” said Matt Duffer.

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Besides the promise made by Duffer Brothers that volume 2 will bring resolution to people’s minds. The question stands that is it right for Will’s character that he is left for interpretation by spectators? In other words, are fans satisfied by the statement after this blind eye turned to Will’s birthday? Do let us know your viewpoint on the promised compensation for Will’s birthday! And find more interesting things about season 4 of Stranger Things streaming only on Netflix!

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