EXPLAINED: Duffer Brothers Wrote Stranger Things’ Will Byers “with sexual identity issues” In The Original Pitch Book, Montauk

EXPLAINED: Duffer Brothers Wrote Stranger Things’ Will Byers “with sexual identity issues” In The Original Pitch Book, Montauk

The character of Will Byers has heated social media since the release of Stranger Things season 4. Viewers are so excited to know about the conflicted sexuality of Will that has remained arguable for long eight years. All the seasons have conceived his image as a soft sensitive kid who loves playing Dungeons and Dragons with his boys’ gang. But did you know there was more to the original Will Byers character description? 

Montauk depicts a different view on Will Byers’ sexuality in Stranger Things 

Duffer Brothers have written an unusual perspective of Will Byers sexuality in their iteration called ‘Montauk’. The original pitch book states that Will is a delicate kid who is unable to fit in with the normal society of the 1980s. In addition, they also describe his clothes as colorful and that he is bullied by other kids for his unique choices. He tries to escape reality by engaging himself in D&D with his only friends Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. Whereas these statements are now shown clearly in the series. 

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Have Stranger Things justified the character of Will according to Montauk? 

Beginning from the first season Will was one of the central characters who experienced extraterrestrial things. But his internal emotions were never dropped clearly and even there was no hint about his sexuality in the first two seasons. Somehow viewers do see a glimpse of it in episode 3 of season 3 where during an argument Mike lashes out at Will which creates an upheaval in viewers’ minds. As Mike says; 

“It’s not my fault you don’t like girls!”  

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However, season 4 comes with deeper conflicts and insecurities in Will’s life. As we see him being jealous of Eleven because Mike (Will’s best friend) spends most of his time with ‘El’. He is seen as anxious and teary-eyed the whole season whenever he meets Mike. They are even seen fighting at the gaming center when Will blames Mike for not calling him the whole year. All these sudden events in season 4 do not seem to have a connection with the sexuality of Will. Because the creators have not cleared the account of his emotions or sexuality in the whole series.

Therefore, Will’s sexuality is still obscure as the period of the 80s was a strenuous time for homosexual people and things like that weren’t outspoken. So fans have serious questions about Will’s sexuality. Is he really homophobic what his deadbeat father called him? Or he is unsettled in the surroundings where his friends are growing up but he isn’t? Maybe viewers will find a resolution to William’s sexuality in the next volume or season 5. 

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