Fans Ruin The Horror Vibe Of Stranger Things 4, Duffer Brothers Would Be Disappointed

Fans Ruin The Horror Vibe Of Stranger Things 4, Duffer Brothers Would Be Disappointed

Have you ever seen a horror story turning into a love story? However, Stranger Things has once again brought something incredible for viewers in season 4. And it’s truly hysterical that fans have fallen in love with the spooky Vecna’s character. Well, even the Duffer Brothers wouldn’t have seen this coming that their psychological horror of season 4 will become people’s eye candy. Come catch up on the reason behind all these drooling reactions of viewers and what’s more to it. 

Vecna is a whole new mood in the horror storyline of Stranger Things season 4 

Before the release of season 4, all the cast members including Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard stated in their interviews that this season is going to bring a lot of wildness and heart-throbbing terror. Cast members said that Upside Down will be the least of the viewer’s worries as the new monster is much more gruesome and disturbing than ever. For instance, Finn spoke about the season 4: 

“But I think the Duffers love dark. They love horror stuff. They love evil, dead stuff, and I think they had to prove themselves and have all audiences be able to watch it and not be too safe.” 

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Finn Wolfhard aka Mike called season 4 the “craziest thing” and the Duffer Brothers have gone darker than ever as they have depicted much more evilness on screen. In addition to that statement, Millie also said this is the most daunting season she has ever filmed and the season will be unnerving for fans.

Vecna is the new beloved on social media 

The viewer’s interpretation of Vecna has turned out to be way more different from the preview and cast interview talks. Whereas the curse king ‘Vecna’ is receiving more romantic comments and humorous reviews on social media than spiteful ones by the audience. The blame might entirely go to the beautiful harmful face of Jamie Campbell Bower that the creators brought in their new season.

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After watching season 4 fans are calling him a cute devil and even defending his side of the story. Jamie’s acting has completely changed what viewers expected the show to be. Therefore, the game of Vecna and Bower’s mesmerizing face behind it might have disappointed Duffer Brothers. As the creators wanted the season to be scary as hell! Let’s dive into some of the most hilarious comments on Vecna that you will find amusing as well. 

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