‘Stranger Things’ 4: Finn Wolfhard Calls Will (Noah Schnapp) “A villain in season 2”, David Harbour Wants to See Tentacles Sprouting Out of Will

‘Stranger Things’ 4: Finn Wolfhard Calls Will (Noah Schnapp) “A villain in season 2”, David Harbour Wants to See Tentacles Sprouting Out of Will

The Stranger Things kids are so full of banter, just seeing them having fun sets a vibe. Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard are the centers that emit banter rays. The adults from the show have now joined forces with the kids to wreck the banter game together. Finn Wolfhard and Caleb McLaughlin appeared with David Harbour and Winona Ryder in a Netflix interview, where the cast answered top fan queries.

In the past, Millie coaxed Finn into saying she was her first kiss. Finn too proved to be the smartest kid by correctly guessing what’s in store for a spinoff. Noah Schnapp hasn’t left the fun stone unturned either. He recently appeared with Millie in an interview and demanded a Game of Thrones like ‘massacre’ for Stranger Things. And now Finn has taken this banter to the next level by calling Will (Schnapp’s character) a villain.

Why did Finn Wolfhard call Will “A Villain in Season 2”?

A year after Will was rescued from the Upside Down in season 1; fans saw him possessed by the Mind Flayer in season 2. Fans felt sad for their sweet boy, as they saw him gradually succumb to the Mind Flayer’s consciousness. At first, he could only sense its presence, but slowly he starts losing his memory. Before his memory loss is noticeable, Will starts seeing visions of the Upside DownEventually, the Mind Flayer completely possesses him, and Will starts exhibiting superhuman strength.

Will breaks out of his restraints and tries to choke his mom. She used heat pads to shoo away the monster in him. We even see him surrounded by some black matter, and his veins appear black underneath his skin. He looks like a total villain.

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In the interview, the stars reacted to fan theories for the upcoming season. One of the fan speculations was Will turning into the Mind Flayer. To which Finn said, “Interesting, well he’s also kinda the villain in season 2.” We have to give it to the fan though, the likeliness of this theory coming true is higher than any other theory discussed in the video.

David said, “So if Will starts sprouting out tentacles, that would be kinda great.” And truly, if Will turns into a Mind Flayer, there will be nothing more iconic. Will’s ability to spy on the Mind Flayer and vice-versa, was an entertaining plot in season 2, which ended with Will’s exorcism; but the exorcism doesn’t mean he’s done mingling with the Mind Flayer, in fact since his encounter with the creature, Will has always felt its presence.

Do you support this theory? Tell us some more of your theories in the comment section. And watch this recap if you want to catch up on Stranger Things.

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