When Ethan Hawke was Harshly Sidelined by Maya Hawke Fan After Stranger Things’ Release

When Ethan Hawke was Harshly Sidelined by Maya Hawke Fan After Stranger Things’ Release

After Maya Hawke’s recent fame and fandom, father Ethan Hawke has been really vocal about how proud he is of his daughter. Following the footsteps of mother Uma Thurman and Mr. Hawke, Maya has made a rather distinguished impression as Robin Buckley in Stranger Things. Earlier the actress appeared as Jo March in Little Women and there too she has done an exceptional job. Apart from that, the entire world knows how fine a musician she is. Well, who wouldn’t be proud of such a talented daughter!

Ethan Hawke recently shared his thoughts about Stranger Things. He mentioned how he feels the show is just made for his daughter. Furthermore, he also has a strange yet interesting connection to Stranger Things which makes it really dear to his heart. Although there are perks of having such an accomplished daughter, it has its shortcomings as well. And it seems like Mr. Hawke is totally enjoying his daughters success even after fans respectfully sideline him.

Maya Hawke is climbing the ladder of fandom as fans sideline her father

Apparently, in a panel discussion with The View, Ethan shared how a Maya Hawke fan embarrassed him while they were having a father-daughter time. But the way he said it would probably make one sob like a child. When asked, how it is like to be Maya Hawke’s dad, he shared a true story. He explains how a fan came to chat with Maya Hawke and he thought he came to him. He said, “the other day I was walking with my daughter and a fan comes up. I say not now…” The fan abruptly sidelines him, gesturing he has come to chat with the daughter.

Hawke was extremely glowing as he shared the story. He surely can’t stop singing praise for his daughter. And well, Maya Hawke aka Robbin Buckley aka Jo March deserves it all. Ahead of Stranger Things 5, fans are anticipating an interesting arc for her character, and let us hope, whatever the plot be, Hawke nails it again.

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