Jimmy Fallon Becomes the Latest Entry to the Hellfire Club, Joseph Quinn Made Induction

Jimmy Fallon Becomes the Latest Entry to the Hellfire Club, Joseph Quinn Made Induction

The hype around Joseph Quinn’s character Eddie Munson isn’t dying anytime soon. The metalhead wasn’t only the Corroded Coffin band’s guitarist but also the Hellfire Club’s leader. On the latest episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor gifted Jimmy with a Hellfire Club t-shirt, successfully inducting him into the D&D club. 

Stranger Things Season four came back after a big gap – more than two years. The fourth installment introduced a bunch of new characters, some of them made it out alive, and most were just killed, leaving only the OGs to continue to the next phase of the adventure.

Jimmy Fallon flaunts his newly acquired Hellfire Club T-shirt 

Jimmy Fallon has time and again proved that he is a fan of the show. So when he received the Hellfire Club t-shirt from Joseph, he couldn’t really wait to wear it and update his fans on Twitter. The late-night show host’s latest Twitter update shows him flaunting his latest acquisition and being a proud member of the D&D club. 

Stranger Things has often played a role in the resurgence of trends, whether it’s music or fashion. This time the Hellfire Club t-shirt has become a hot commodity. 

Besides gifting Fallon the t-shirt, Joseph also shared a funny story about the immigration authorities. Apparently, the actor was held up at the immigration center. They weren’t convinced when he tried to tell the authorities that he was here to meet Jimmy Fallon. However, an officer recognized him and said, “Leave Eddie alone!” He was given the passport on the condition that he returns to the series next season.

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Will Joseph Quinn return as Eddie next season? 

The fans, the immigration office, and everyone want Eddie back. Heck, even the Duffer brothers were reluctant to kill off his character. But since he succumbed to wounds inflicted by the Demobats, there’s likely no chance of him returning for the last season of Stranger Things. However, he can appear as a ghost or a hallucination like Billy. We’ll have to wait until the last season premieres.


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