The Most Metal Gift for the Most Metal Concert, Metallica Present Eddie Munson AKA Joseph Quinn With a Special Guitar

The Most Metal Gift for the Most Metal Concert, Metallica Present Eddie Munson AKA Joseph Quinn With a Special Guitar

Eddie Munson had a much bigger impact than the one anticipated by the Duffer brothers. The man had been winning at life ever since his most metal performance in the upside down and the Stranger Things fandom couldn’t be any happier. Apart from all the global acclaim and glory, Joseph Quinn hit the jackpot when he was welcomed by Metallica with open hands. Not to be down with the most alternate branding, but this has to be one of the greatest crossovers ever. If you are not already aware of what has brought Eddie Munson to THE MOMENT, worry not since we got you covered.

Joseph Quinn checks off every item on his bucket list

Joseph Quinn, who played the iconic key role of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things season 4, joined Metallica backstage at Lollapalooza. Minutes before the band went live with the original footage of Eddie’s metal performance in the Upside Down, Quinn was honored with a jam session with the legends. The video which was uploaded just a few hours ago got all the metalheads and Stranger Things stans singing the praises of both the megastars.

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After a mini rock concert, Jason himself handed Joseph Quinn a royal red electric guitar, signed by all the members, as a token of remembrance and gratitude. Drum rolls, Lars Ulrich, even declared at the camera that “Metallica is now a five piece.” Following the meet, the live rock show at Lollapalooza was fire ballyhoo when Eddie Munson was shown on the big screen as if performing with the band itself.

A fan even wrote:

This was Eddie Munson’s year, we can feel it, 86 baby!

Counting the picks for the top reasons we love Eddie never stops and he’s been the Kingpin of the entire season 4. Although tagged as a freak at the beginning, the character reveals his actual self after the horrific death of the cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham. Ever since the incident, he’s been the fan favorite of the show.

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Rather than being the typical leading character, Eddie was a delinquent metalhead with a golden heart. With all his mind-blowing acting and works in the franchise, we will always continue to exalt our hero. Listen up freaks geeks nerds and metalheads, do you copy?

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