“Heartstopper in dark era”: Fans’ Callout Netflix for Suggesting ‘Elite’ Following the Teen-Drama ‘Heartstopper’

“Heartstopper in dark era”: Fans’ Callout Netflix for Suggesting ‘Elite’ Following the Teen-Drama ‘Heartstopper’

Heartstopper is one of the latest hits on Netflix. It has won hearts with its beautiful and different storyline. This utterly sweet series is sure to be a piece of eye candy and is totally worth binge-watching. It is in line with Netflix’s superhit teen dramas like Never Have I Ever, Ginny and Georgia, and Dash and Lily. However, it is still very underrated, and it is hoped to gain the recognition it deserves. But something that Netflix did with the show recently made some of its viewers unhappy. Read further to find out what happened.

What enraged the fans of Heartstopper?

Heartstopper is based on young adult fiction author Alice Oseman’s viral 2016 webcomic-turned-graphic novel of the same name. It is the story of two teenage boys, Charlie and Nick. In this coming-of-age series, the story begins as they learn their unexpected relationship may be something more as they navigate school and young love.

The show has it all: lighthearted jokes, “aww moments,” friends who have each other’s backs, and true love, which is something that everyone seeks.

Coming back to our question, here’s what happened. One of the Netflix users got the recommendation to watch Netflix’s super dark and heart-wrenching teenage drama series Elite, with “This is a teen TV show like Heartstopper” written on it. Hence, the fan called out Netflix on Twitter, calling it “dumb.” Turns out, this is not the first time the streaming giant’s recommendation algorithm gave the wrong suggestion to users who streamed Heartstopper. Comments to the post revealed users were getting recommendations like Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why.

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This went on for a while, with others joining the conversation.

Fans concluded the tweets that since both the shows include the homosexuality element, Netflix must’ve recommended Heartstopper after Elite.

However, one fan took Netflix’s side by justifying the comparison, given how both shows were teen TV shows.

While another pinpointed a grammatical error that caused the confusion

We hope Netflix will be working on its suggestions after this blunder. Meanwhile, we recommend you to watch this lovely show and Elite if you want to.

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