Despite Lower Watch Hours, Why Did Netflix Renew ‘Heartstopper’ for Two More Seasons?

Despite Lower Watch Hours, Why Did Netflix Renew ‘Heartstopper’ for Two More Seasons?

It’s extremely rare for Netflix to renew shows. The streamer has a bad reputation for canceling fan-favorite shows. Viewers have protested and even signed petitions in hopes that the streamer will change their decision but it hasn’t. So when the news came that Netflix had actually renewed Heartstopper for two more seasons, it came more as a shock to fans. They were left debating the reasons behind it.

But well, fans of Nick and Charlie can relax because the boys aren’t going anywhere. 

Heartstopper on Netflix had a huge cultural impact, especially in the UK

The coming of age series was praised for LGBTQ representation and for perfectly encapsulating the high school experience in the UK. It even inspired a teen to come out to his parents and has started conversations on Twitter. The show has catapulted Kit Connor and Joe Locke to instant fame. They are now sitting at 3.4 million and 2.5 million followers on Instagram. 

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The teenage show had a moderate budget

The streamer generally renews shows that usually garner high views. It measures views to cost. However, the teenage show didn’t get as much viewing time as a result of its runtime. Season 1 only has eight episodes with an average runtime of 30 minutes or so. Moreover, the show was produced on a moderate budget. Other than a few CGIs here and there, it definitely didn’t cost as much as Stranger Things or even The Umbrella Academy. 

Heartstopper debuted on April 22 and spent three weeks in the Netflix Global Top 10. It has also entered Netflix’s Top 10 in 54 countries. Although the drama didn’t reach #1, it peaked at #5. But it is reigning supreme on Billboard’s Top TV song chart. Even Alice Oseman’s comic of the same name that the show is based on, is now the No.1 YA in the US and has achieved the bestseller status on the NYT list.

For the upcoming two seasons, Alice will serve as writer and executive producer. 

Binge the entire season 1 here.

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