Watch The Most Dope Mashup of ‘Stranger Things’ 4 With Running Up That Hill Remix Released by Netflix

Watch The Most Dope Mashup of ‘Stranger Things’ 4 With Running Up That Hill Remix Released by Netflix

If one has to define Stranger Things in a single phrase, it would undoubtedly be the ’80s pop culture. Apart from all the gore and graphics, all the love triangles, and everything in between, the series also represents everything that was there in the 1980’s Midwest America. Open even a single episode and we bet it will transport you to the early modern era. Oh! and… of course… the Upside Down world. With a sheer endurance of pop-cultural appeal of ’80s nostalgia, the series truly does a lot of justice to the beauty of that decade.

It is indeed apparent from the music they use, the clothes they wear, the starcourt mall, the setup of the show, and so much more. Specifically talking, the overtly retro ’80s music is more popular and visible now than ever. We find every other person jamming on the Metallica albums or the popular Kate Bush song which pulled Max back from Vecna’s trance. Now if you are one of those who is madly in love with the series and the song, we have a gift just for you. Netflix might just have made the dumbfounding and thrilling mashup that’s ever made in history.

Netflix brought us yet another Stranger Things present

Caution: Once you jam on this Running Down the Hills mashup, there’s no turning back. From here on, you will solely be responsible for your actions. And here’s the deal: if your friends/family/colleagues start worshiping you for this little present, you gotta give us a tiny bit of credit!

Now hold your breath, because the best thing from Stranger Things that will ever happen to you is here. The base, the video edits, the sound quality, and the entire mashup is just so amazing. Well, it’s just dope and no matter how much we praise it, we won’t do justice to the video. As soon as the song starts playing the Upside Down world around Eleven falls apart, whilst she is standing there with her natural stare.

The mashup truly captures the whole essence of what the series actually is. It explains to us the power of love and human relations; of music and rhythm. Now we will let you be with the video and enjoy 2 minutes and 58 seconds of uninterrupted watching.

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Still Watching Netflix uploaded the video on 9th July 2022 on YouTube. It has got 3 lac plus views and 17k likes till now. Have you fallen in love with this Stranger Things mashup yet? Do you think it is moving enough to save max from the coma? You know exactly where to put down your views.

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