From ‘Stranger Things’ to ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, a Tale of Musical Comebacks and Rejuvenation

From ‘Stranger Things’ to ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, a Tale of Musical Comebacks and Rejuvenation

Music has always been a huge part of cinema. Filmmakers have used music to convey subliminal emotions since the beginning of the art of storytelling. And now, in the 21st century, the use of music in films and TV shows has become of utmost importance. Be it a super successful TV show like Stranger Things or a high-budget superhero film like Thor: Love and Thunder, both use music extensively throughout their runtime.

However, something else ties Stranger Things and Thor to many other movies: They are all reintroducing some of the greatest pieces of music to a whole new generation.

So let us take a look at some of the greatest soundtracks that introduced a whole new generation to great music.

Stranger Things and Thor: Bringing back old songs

Everyone knows what monumental success Kate Bush’s ‘Running up That Hill’ received after featuring in the ‘Dear Billy’ episode. After people listened to the 1985 song, it reached the top spot in the UK among many other countries.

But using previously released songs in movies is something that many others have done before Stranger Things. Just take the example of two immensely popular comic book movies released this year, The Batman and Thor: Love and Thunder.

The Batman

In March, the world witnessed one of the best comic book movies ever, The Batman.

The detective thriller became popular for its visual and great performances. But the movie also had an amazing soundtrack, with Nirvana’s ‘Something in the Way’ standing out. It was for the first time many people were hearing the mesmerizing song that set the vibe for the whole film.

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Thor: Love and Thunder

Not long after, in July, the recently released Chris Hemsworth–starrer Thor: Love and Thunder also had a great soundtrack consisting of some of the greatest music.

Director Taika Watiti said in an interview how he was fortunate he was to use four songs from his favorite band, Guns N’ Roses. A huge hit that can be heard in the trailer is ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ by the said band.

The movie is only a few days old, so it will be fun to see how people discovering the new songs will react.

Cobra Kai

One cannot begin to name all the great 80s and 90s songs that have featured in Cobra Kai since its inception. Naturally, when a show is popular for its nostalgia, it is sure to have a great soundtrack of the golden era.
‘Burning Heart’, ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Coming’, and ‘Don’t Look Back’ are just some of the oldies that have been used in Cobra Kai.

The Boys

The Boys is another comic book adapted series that has garnered a huge fanbase over the course of three seasons. The dark-comedy show has a thrilling soundtrack that adds to the chaos of the show.

Among many great songs featured in the series, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John stands out among them all.

Filmmakers using old songs in movies and TV shows is an appreciable effort, as it allows a whole new generation to find great music. Also, let us know your favorite song from the list in the comments below.

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