Metallica Joins the Upside Down Fever in This Amazing Video With ‘Stranger Things’ Sensation Eddie Munson

Metallica Joins the Upside Down Fever in This Amazing Video With ‘Stranger Things’ Sensation Eddie Munson

There are too many buzzworthy moments from Stranger Things season 4. But one, in particular, takes the cake – Eddie Munson’s guitar rendition of Metallica’s Master of Puppets. It was an exhilarating scene for both the show’s and Metallica’s fans. As it turns out the scene went so viral that it came on Metallica’s radar. The band recently put out a video of them jamming with Eddie to their original song and it’s a blast to watch.

Like all its other previous seasons, this season also had a perfect soundtrack that elevated the narrative and the shocking moments throughout the runtime. 

Metallica’s duet with Eddie Munson from Stranger Things is pure fire 

In the finale of Stranger Things, the resident Metalhead, and D&D nerd, Eddie blasted Master of Puppets in an attempt to divert the Demobats. With the grim backdrop, red lightning, and Dustin cheering him on, it looked like Eddie was unstoppable. Fans can’t stop raving about the two-minute solo. Naturally, it came to the notice of the band. The band in turn churned out a video of their own dueting with Eddie. 

It’s honestly one of the greatest moments of the show and Metallica jumping in, making it even more amazing. Metallica was formed in 1981 and Master of Puppets was their third album. The album was a monumental success and put the band at the forefront of metal thrash. It peaked at 29 on the Billboard charts. The Grammy winner has released 10 studio albums so far.

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Joseph Quinn played the guitar himself 

The actor that plays Eddie in the show, Joseph Quinn apparently played the guitar himself. He didn’t use a double. And all we can say is that he has a hell lot of talent. But his fire rendition of the song didn’t do him any good in the end. Eddie ended up becoming food to the Demobats all because he wanted to stop being a coward. But his ultimate sacrifice made him a hero.

Well, now we get why Doja Cat is thirsty over him!

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