Stranger Things: If You Were Wondering Where Did Eleven Get Her Stare From, Here’s The Answer

Stranger Things: If You Were Wondering Where Did Eleven Get Her Stare From, Here’s The Answer

Even after we have reached the end of Stranger Things season 4 some things remain undiscovered in Hawkins land. Including the connections between characters like Eleven and Dr. Martin Brenner. As they have been seen together for a very short time since the beginning. But the mystery of their unbreakable link seems to make fans ponder on it.

Dr. Brenner has always been testing Eleven’s abilities obsessing over her all the time. While Eleven seems to have some matching traits as Papa she might have developed during captivity. Because a recent post on Twitter seems to convey the message that they have the same look.

Twitter adding more surprises to the puzzled story of Eleven and Papa in Stranger Things


The official page of Netflix Geeked Week recently posted on Twitter resembling photos of Eleven and Dr. Martin from season 4. The post remarked the intense look of both the characters as “she got it from her papa”. While the photo indicated the similar facial expressions they both share. It seems that Eleven has adopted the behavioral traits of his Papa. Because she was born in the lab and has spent her 11 years with Martin in the lab.

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Moreover, as we saw in Eleven’s memories that she once used to trust him before stepping into the real world. And called him Papa living with him in the isolated Hawkins National Laboratory. Even fans speculated that he might be her real father because he was very protective of Eleven. After the massacre took place in the lab years ago and Eleven was the only supernatural child alive.

Papa has a heart-to-heart connection with his psychic daughter Eleven 

Although Brenner (Matthew Modine) used Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) as a lab experiment he does seem to have a special place for her. For instance, we saw him punishing 009 for he bullied Eleven in the rainbow room.

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Also, he helps Eleven in reactivating her psychokinetic powers in the hidden lab of Nevada. Because he wished to stop the spreading chaos of Upside Down which could be saved by Eleven only. Hence, we will soon find out how Eleven will face this approaching disaster of Volume 2 on July 1, 2022.

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