Stranger Things 5: Here’s What Fans Think Can Make Max (Sadie Sink) Wake Up From Coma

Stranger Things 5: Here’s What Fans Think Can Make Max (Sadie Sink) Wake Up From Coma

The whole world is obsessed with Stranger Things. That’s why they wanted more as soon as everyone was done streaming the fourth season. And it was announced earlier that Stranger Things 5 would be the show’s last. So fans are already eager to stream the show’s final season.

A lot of things went down in the final two episodes of the current season. However, no other character had people in tears the most than Max. Max went through a lot this season, and we all wanted her to have a happy ending with Lucas.

But that didn’t happen, and the whole world is wondering how she will wake up from her coma. Well, it looks like fans have a solid theory about how Max will wake up.

How will Max come out of the coma in Stranger Things 5?

It’s painfully unclear at the end of the Stranger Things season 4 finale precisely how dead Max is. Or it isn’t. She’s in the hospital, terribly injured and unconscious after her final meeting with Vecna, the last we see of her. Nobody knows when or if she will return.

The finale doesn’t give us a clear answer, but people have already found a way to bring back Max.

Lucas and Max did not have the ending they wanted, with Lucas still waiting for Max to wake up and go on a date with him. And now the fans are saying that’s what help Max wake up.

Thousands of fan tweets are pouring in expressing how it is Max and Lucas’ love for each other that will cure Max. Some of the tweets are.

The last time we see Max, she is still in a coma, and Lucas is at her side in the hospital. We still have a long wait till Stranger Things 5, but we can all hope that Max and Lucas get their happy ending in the series’ final season.

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What do you guys think will bring Max out of her come? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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