‘Stranger Things’ Fans Relive the Most Beautiful Moments of the Series Ahead of the Final Season Release

‘Stranger Things’ Fans Relive the Most Beautiful Moments of the Series Ahead of the Final Season Release

Stranger Things is a show that’s a mix of all genres on Netflix, and that maybe the reason why it strikes a chord with everybody who watches it. A bunch of kids trying to solve an evil mystery: Definitely sounds like a plot made to blow up. Starting from 2016 when the show first aired, fans saw the kids growing with every season, which became a huge contributing factor to the fanbase because of the sentimental value they hold for the characters. With this popularity, the show can definitely go on forever, but to everyone’s disappointment, the penultimate season is almost here.

The new Season 4 is set to release on 27th of May, 2022. And fans are discussing things about the last season to refresh their memories for the coming season.

Netflix Geeked : Fans relive Stranger Things

Netflix Geeked is a Netflix official platform for fans to actually geek out on their favorite shows with all the surplus content. Geeked features trailers, BTS, first-looks and reveals for Netflix’s shows. In a recent tweet, they had Stranger Things fans reminiscing their favorite moments from the show.

This post fanned the flames of viewers who were already neck deep into discussing Stranger Things on the internet. It took no time for them to start relating to each other’s memories of the show and it snowballed into other Twitter pages posting the same thing. Here are some of the fun fan tweets, sure to evoke fandom in anybody’s heart.

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How Season 3 ended, and the cues it left for Season 4

Season 3 ended with a sadder ending than any of its prior seasons. The reason was deaths of beloved characters like Hopper-the honest cop and Eleven’s new father; and Billy, Max’s brother, a villain-turned-hero. They sacrificed themselves to shut the door to the Upside Down, the only way for the Demogorgans to enter.

We also saw El, Will, Jonathan and their mother Joyce leaving Hawkins for good after the trauma the town now held. If the deaths weren’t enough, the kids’ separation from their friends Mike, Dustin and Lucas nearly brought tears. Before looking at fan predictions for Season 4, here’s the trailer:

Season 3 ended on a sad note but the small end credits scene set a base for fan theories for Season 4. Guards at the Russian prison were instructed to leave the ‘American’ in his cell, before dragging out Alexei’s accomplice.

Fans think its an easy prediction, pointing toward Hopper taken as a Russian prisoner. A guard then opens a hatch to let a Demogorgan out, affirming the doubt that they might not be gone.

Other fan theories include the show also exploring time travel, Dr. Brenner, Eleven’s ‘papa’ could help her regain her powers, ‘The American‘ could be Murray Bauman, the journalist who speaks fluent Russian and was nowhere to be seen at the end of Season 3. Lastly, some of them suggest Eleven will regain her powers at the Hawkins lab. 

Regardless of the theories, it is time to brush up Season 3 real quick before season 4 arrives. We would love to know some of your theories for the upcoming season down in the comments.

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