All Hopes May Not Be Lost For Hawkins’ Favorite Detective, Jim Hopper, in ‘Stranger Things’: Season 4 Teaser Images Suggest He’s Alive!

All Hopes May Not Be Lost For Hawkins’ Favorite Detective, Jim Hopper, in ‘Stranger Things’: Season 4 Teaser Images Suggest He’s Alive!

As the much-awaited season of the show that has become our home over time will hit our screens soon, fans are speculating on many theories. Netflix seems to enjoy it a lot. To further beef it up, the streaming service has always brought some or other news from the town of Hopkins. This time around, Netflix released a few teaser images of Stranger Things season 4 to fuel up our excitement. And we grab every small hint to analyze the show and the theories speculated around it. Within the set of twelve images, there was one that caught our special attention.

Towards the end of season three, there were many cliffhangers that we need an answer to. Among many others is the fate of everyone’s favorite resident adoptive father, Detective Jim Hopper. If you aren’t aware or were lost in the Upside Down, don’t worry, we are here to brush up your memory.

Hopper’s fate in Stranger Things season 3

In this fast-paced season, while Eleven and the gang were on the mission to stop Billy, the Mind Flayer, and the flayed residents; Hopper and Joyce were on the quest to stop the Russians. Russians had made a machine that could open a gate to the Upside Down, which lies beneath the small township of Hawkins. They were perhaps successful in the mission with help of the hot scientist, Alexei, and then-reporter Murray.

However, at the very last hour, although Hopper was successful in electrocuting the Terminator, he couldn’t make it to the safety of the war room. With that, he was assumed to be dead, until the merry time of valentine. A press release confirmed that Hopper was alive! And it brought utter joy to us.

Fan theories that suggested he was never dead

Dear fans and viewers of Stranger Things, Rejoice! Because your theory is absolutely true. The ‘American,’ Russians were referring to, to feed to the Demogorgon, is non-other than our beloved detective. Yes, it is sad to know that he is in a far-off place, struggling for his survival in jail. But it is much pleasing to know that he is officially alive!

In another theory, Esquire talked about how these Russian machines worked. Evidently, if the machines can transfer matter from one place to another, or from key to key. So there was a strong possibility that Hopper was whooshed from Hawkins to Russia, but not dead.

Fans also theorized that Harbour’s growing beard proves he is spending his time in the Russian prison, and it is to give him this proper bruised and rugged look in Stranger Things season 4.

Recently released teaser images prove this fact

Netflix recently released twelve absolutely beautiful teaser pictures of the upcoming season. Among them, the three pictures that specifically held our interest were the ones that tell something about our beloved cop. The first one reveals Hopper’s brand new sexy look. In a soldier cut hairstyle and bruised face, Hopper is all set to steal our hearts.

Another picture shows reporter Murray and their companion looking all pale in a snowy land. Probably this look is because of the crashed helicopter behind. However, what the picture suggested to us is, it is the place is where Hopper is put to work on a railroad in the snow. If that’s the case, let us just hope that they find him soon.

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