Let’s Breakdown: ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Pictures Dump Uncovers the Mystery Surrounding Hopper, Joyce and Murray’s Backdrop, and the Creepy Creel House

Let’s Breakdown: ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Pictures Dump Uncovers the Mystery Surrounding Hopper, Joyce and Murray’s Backdrop, and the Creepy Creel House

Our favorite gang has been away for so long, precisely two long years. Netflix has been teasing us with new trailers and teasers, although these teasers are coming in at a painstakingly slow pace. But we’ll take what we can get! The streamer recently dropped a montage of images from Stranger Things season 4, and we didn’t waste any time in lapping them up.

Hopper isn’t dead

We all thought Hopper was dead at the end of season 3, but it turns out he was alive all along. He was an American prisoner in that Russian jail. Well, we still don’t know what all torture he had to bear, but this new Hopper has opted for buzz cut.

The finale ended with the Byers moving away from Hawkins along with Eleven. But this pic teases that they might be back in Hawkins after all, because we can all spot Mike there.

It seems Dustin, Robin, and Steve have teamed up with Max this time. And by the looks of it, Steve and Robin are still working at the Starcourt Mall.

In another photo, Lucas, Erica, and Dustin have found something amusing on what looks like a laptop.

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Did the Byers not move to the West?

Was Hawkins ever this cold? The snowy terrain and a crashed plane behind them suggest they are far away from California or even Hawkins. We have a feeling Murray and Joyce are in Russia trying to save Hopper.

Do we see a new member? Argyle will be joining the gang.

The place looks like the Creel House. The Creel House has a horrible history and is tied to the mystery at Hawkins. Whether the gang is looking up at the chandelier or something else isn’t clear.

Lucas, Erica, Max, and Dustin are up to something again.

Robin and Nancy have a visitor tag on their chest. Are they visiting the lab?

The gang has definitely unearthed some horrific secrets with the help of a new member. His identity is still under wraps.

From the look on their faces, this doesn’t look good. They clearly look like they have been on the run, probably fighting a Demogorgon(we may have to update the best fight list after this season). But the oldest of the gang are back together at last.

What to expect from Stranger Things season 4?

Since they aren’t kids anymore, Stranger Things season 4 will largely focus on their high school experience. With a threat looming over Hawkings, the gang will get back together. Meanwhile, Eleven will try to get back her powers and save Hopper from dying at the hands of the Russians.

These pictures have made waiting an agony especially after Shawn Levy teased us with an epic ending. But we surely are excited. What about you?

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