All Key Details You Must Remember From Bridgerton Season 1 Before Streaming Season 2

All Key Details You Must Remember From Bridgerton Season 1 Before Streaming Season 2

It hasn’t been long since the release of Bridgerton season 1. The Netflix series aired first on the platform in December 2020. Although it did not take too long for season 2 to make an appearance, the period between was enough for fans to forget the itty-bitty details of the same.

Fans can brush up the major plotlines like Daphne’s marriage or Colin’s departure up alongside viewing the second season. However, the smaller ones aren’t mentioned a lot and make the overall experience less complex and intriguing. Here are all the minor plotlines of Bridgerton season 1 that will be recurring in season 2.

Colin is exploring Europe

As any rich white boy in the 1800s would do, Colin went to explore Europe after having his heartbroken. Although he doesn’t get involved with most of the plot, he has an impact. Penelope’s feelings for him and his absence are important, considering how Penelope is an essential part of the series.

Penelope is Lady Whistledown

The biggest twist of season 1 was that the showrunners revealed who Lady Whistledown is. This went down as a shock to book readers who knew the plot, as well. In the book series, Lady Whistledown’s identity is revealed in the fourth book. The showrunners of the Netflix Original have revealed the biggest suspense of the series at the very beginning. This means that there are definitely going to be some additional details in the upcoming season.

This season, Lady Whistledown is also going to get messier than she did when she turned on Daphne and Marina Thompson. Penelope will also be dealing with conflicted emotions in regard to Colin.

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Benedict is figuring out his art

After the numerous memorable encounters he has had with Henry Granville and his boyfriend, Benedict and his art is something viewers of the Netflix series wouldn’t have forgotten. However, we saw Benedict mainly focusing on romance and other rendezvous in Bridgerton season 1 instead of his actual art, which we will be seeing in season 2.

The King of England has dementia

Considering how shallow the Queen seems, one would not expect her to be going through a lot. However, in a rather intense scene, we realize that all socializing efforts the Queen is making are to keep her and her husband’s social standing intact.

Will won the fight

A recurring theme that wasn’t focused on a lot was that of Will and his wife, Alice. While his friend, the Duke, was against the idea, Will entered into an agreement with the late Lord Featherington. Will was to lose a fight with Featherington betting against him. However, honor got the better of Will and he put in his best efforts and won the fight.

This ended up with the death of Lord Featherington, seemingly murdered by his bookies, as the Featherington family loses everything because of a lack of a male child.

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If you feel you’ve forgotten other details of Bridgerton season 1, they’ll probably come back to you when you stream season 2. Or, better yet, stream Bridgerton season 1 on Netflix and refresh your memory before the arrival of the second part.

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