How Netflix Found ‘Is It Cake’ Bakers? Who Are the Contestants?

How Netflix Found ‘Is It Cake’ Bakers? Who Are the Contestants?

We often scroll through brief clips on TikTok or on Instagram about cake cutting videos, where the cake is masqueraded as everyday objects. Isn’t it satisfying? So, get ready to see those cake-cutting videos into a proper television show on Netflix. Is It Cake? is a new baking show on Netflix, which surprisingly attracted an enormous audience, who are drooling in front of their screens. From the producers of Top Chef and Project Runway, Is It Cake will again challenge your trust issues, where you will ask yourself, “Is that really cake?” The bakers are experienced and they will make you question everything you see.

Is It Cake? Is a Netflix reality baking show where nine talented bakers compete with each other to create unbelievable confectionary imposters. They make some unrealistic cakes like handbags, dinosaurs, burgers, anything you want. The participants make it into reality. The winner of the show will take away 50,000 dollars.

In the show’s trailer, one contestant expresses, “There are people saving lives, and I’m making a cake look like other things.” He shouldn’t be so hard on himself, making a dinosaur cake is not child’s play.

But, fans are wondering who these wonderful bakers make any object into reality. Let’s find out.

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How did Netflix find ‘Is it Cake’ bakers?

Baking is big business on social media, a lot of bakers are creating hyperrealistic objects into delicious cakes. So, the creators of the show started their journey to find the perfect contestant of the show from social media. Probably, from the last ten years, a lot of local businesses are coming up with their creativity and passion for food. And with the blessing of social media, you don’t even need a shop, you can always be at your home and sell online.

So, in the conversation with Tudum, Dan Cutforth, the executive producer of the show, confesses, “There are a lot of people around the country that are making a great living baking hyperrealistic cakes. So yeah, it was not that hard to find people who were really good at it.”

Who are the contestants?

There are nine contestants in the show, Is It Cake? which includes:

  • Andrew
  • April
  • Dessiree
  • Hemu
  • Jonny
  • Justin
  • Nina
  • Sam
  • Steve

Now that you know all of them, are you excited to see them make incredible cakes? Stream the series now on Netflix.

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