Best Fights Scenes in Stranger Things – Ranked

Best Fights Scenes in Stranger Things – Ranked

Stranger Things has always been a fan favorite show on Netflix with one of the best fighting scenes for sure. Every season brings us amped-up horrific fighting scenes, which blows the mind of viewers. The show becomes more fun when all the characters, except Eleven, use everyday objects around them to fight the monsters along with some banter. In season 3, Netflix incorporates some 80s spy caper tropes, and the action ratchets up a level to good old-fashioned bare-knuckle brawling.

Needless to say, from Season 1 to season 3, the show has some awe-inspiring fighting scenes. As we await season 4 release date to come closer, let’s refresh our memory and take a look at the best fighting scenes of Stranger Things, from season 1 to 3. 

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Best fighting scenes from Stranger Things

Recently, Still Watching Netflix uploaded a video on YouTube about the best fighting scenes of Stranger Things. They captioned the video as, “Get ready for Stranger Things Season 4 by reminiscing on all the amazing fight scenes from three years of the Netflix series. Eleven vs. the Mind Flayer? Check. Hopper being a badass? Check check check. Get ready for your Stranger Things re-watch with this reminder of the best fights in Stranger Things.” 

While, you can check out Still Watching Netflix’s top 10 picks in the video above, given below are our favorite fight scenes in the show.

NetflixJunkie’s top 5 fight scenes

#1: Closing the gate: The topmost is probably one of the best scenes of Stranger Things. Eleven and Hopper try to take the road of the Upside Down world. While Hopper keeps the being away with his shotgun, Eleven attempts to close the gate with her full power, while elevating in the air. The scene is such a marvel to take in.

#2: Eleven’s most badass moment: This one deserves to be right at the top. We are talking about the Eleven’s epic moment from season 3. The monster attacks the entire gang and Eleven cuts of its tentacles but gets dragged by another tentacle. Now, the entire gang tries to get her out of the monster’s grip by pulling her by her hands. Meanwhile, Nancy starts shooting the monster, while Lucas takes an axe to chop off its branches. Out of the monster’s grip, Eleven finishes the monster with her powers.

#3. Lighting up the monster: In season 1, Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve trapped the Upside Down monster. The monster appears in the house and attacks Jonathan. Nancy tries to save him by shooting, but bullets don’t affect it one bit. Then Steve comes to their rescue, traps the monster, and light it on fire.

#4: Rocks and Eleven vs monster: The next fighting scene is also from Season 1, when Mike, Dustin, and Lucas try to kill the monster with rock. The rocks didn’t even affect it. Instead, it moves closer to the trio. To their rescue, Eleven comes and kills the monster, after bidding adieu to Mike.

#5. The injection blow: At fifth position, we have a fight breaking out between Steve and Billy in the presence of the entire gang except for Eleven. Steve has a upper hand at first but is soon overwhelmed by Billy’s brute strength. In order to save Steve, Max pushes an injection into Billy’s neck.

Well, these were our top five. What about you? Which fight scene from the show do you love the most?

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