Will Oswald Mosley Re-enter Shelbeys’ Lives in Peaky Blinders Season 6?

Will Oswald Mosley Re-enter Shelbeys’ Lives in Peaky Blinders Season 6?

Episode one of Peaky Blinders‘ sixth and last season was amazing. The opening episode introduced everyone. And even informed the audience about how all are dealing with the devastating events of the season five finale episode. However, one vile character that the writer’s purposefully left out was the main antagonist of season five, Oswald Mosely.

Fans worldwide were wondering where Mosley was after surviving his assassination. No answers or clues were given about his current location. But it looks like we finally have some answers.

Mosley is returning on Peaky Blinders

Just imagine how vile and truly wicked a person has to be for Tommy Shelby to call him a devil. Well, that is who Oswald Mosely is, the devil reincarnated. After Tommy Shelby’s failed attempt to put the devil down for good, the show’s newest episode doesn’t tell us where he is. But, in a recent tweet by Peaky Blinders official Twitter handle, we see Mosley returning!

Mosley is back, and he is not alone. Apparently, between the four-year gap of the two seasons, Mosley married Diana Mitford. Diana will be an interesting add-on to the story as she is an interesting and powerful character. In the sixth season, Diana and Oswald will be great antagonists for Tommy to outsmart.

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In the photo tweeted by the show, we can assume that the creators have stayed on historical accuracy. In real-life, Mosley went to start a fascist party. And by the look of the image, it looks like Mosley is at a stage with the banner of his presumed party in the back.

Will we see Alfie in episode 2

Another character who was just mentioned in episode one was Alfie Solomon. Alfie and Tommy have a love-hate relationship throughout the series, with Tommy putting him down for the good. But in season five last episode we see that Alfie is alive with just a scar on his face.

It is rumored that Alfie will be returning in episode two. The purpose of his much-awaited return is still unknown but Tommy will be having an upper hand this time.

Let us know how you will feel about seeing Alfie and Tommy collaborating to take down Mosley in Peaky Blinders season six.

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