Stranger Things Might Already Have Spinoffs Planned, Season 4 Teases Hints – Check Details Here

Stranger Things Might Already Have Spinoffs Planned, Season 4 Teases Hints – Check Details Here

Many of us missed a little detail in Stranger Things season 4’s teaser, which may give us a new perspective of the show’s future. Stranger Things, one of the most popular shows on Netflix, will launch its season 4 soon. This Netflix show is going strong with the cast and plots and recently released a few teasers for the upcoming season. Till now, the show has released four teasers, which include the new life of Eleven, flashbacks to Dr. Brenner’s other test subjects, Hopper didn’t die and return in Russia, and an old house in Hawkins which can be connected to the upside-down world.

The third teaser among these about the clock may have hinted at a possible Stranger Things spinoff. Let’s dive deeper to see what this hint and the premise of the spinoff could be.

Stranger Things season 4 teaser and spinoff

The third teaser of Season 4 comprises the “Creel House”, where a happy family moves into a new home in the 1950s. But little did they know, their happy family setting will turn into a plot from a horror film. Then the teaser moves on to the 1980s, where a giant grandfather clock is standing in the now-abandoned house. Within a few seconds, the clock shatters into pieces. These different plots from the teaser made us believe there can be a spin-off, which will explore the Upside Down world before Eleven’s actions in the 80s. And perhaps, the spinoff can explore the origin of these supernatural phenomena.

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However, the Duffer Brothers, the creator of the Netflix show, also confirmed Stranger Things season 5, where they will continue the original story of the cast. Therefore, a spinoff, if not handled carefully, could become a repetition.  Moreover, the creators have to be very delicate with the spin-off because it can diminish or confuse their source material. While fans will always be enthusiastic to watch the spin-off, it could also result in the mass disappointment many other shows have caused in their fandom.

Needless to say, it will be interesting to see the past of the creel house and the watch, whether or not we get a spinoff for it. While we patiently wait for season 4 release in summer and for a possible spinoff announcement, let us refresh out memories by streaming Stranger Things on Netflix.

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