Did Netflix Give Us a Spoiler for Stranger Things Season 4 Ending?

Did Netflix Give Us a Spoiler for Stranger Things Season 4 Ending?

The most unforgivable deed that a person can do is to spoil a show. All sins may be forgiven, but spoiling a show cannot be. But this time, it looks like it is Netflix who has done the heinous deed. Recently Stranger Things season 4 episode titles were announced. And it appears that they have just given up the series ending with the titles.

The titles of Stranger Things chapters seven and eight are announced to be “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab” and “Papa,” respectively. Some extremely sharp-eyed fans have noticed details that might ruin the ending for all of us. Probable Spoilers Ahead

Stranger Things season 4 spoiled already?

Revelations like Hopper’s survival after season three’s death are old news now. Fans have an interesting theory about how the show will end. And it looks like they have enough evidence to support their theory.

The aforementioned name of the episodes appears to hint that the lab that granted El her abilities won’t have the widespread breakout featured in the “HNL Control Room” teaser trailer until the season’s antepenultimate episode.

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The penultimate episode title, in turn, hints that Matthew Modine’s malevolent Dr. Brenner will make his final appearance in Stranger Things season 4’s second final episode.

The first part is more character-focused

Stranger Things season 4 will most likely be more character-driven in the first half, while the second half will feature the majority of the season’s action-packed scenes. If Hawkins Lab’s test subjects are going to be the focus of the second half of the season, the haunted home previewed in the “Creel House” teaser will almost certainly be examined early in season 4.

The fact that the “Creel House” teaser only shows the section of Stranger Things‘ large ensemble whose characters still live in Hawkins supports this notion, implying that the action may take place before the gang is reunited by Spring Break.

What do you feel about these theories? Do they have enough substance to be true or are we just over assuming things?

Stranger things will stream only on Netflix from May 27th.

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