‘Stranger Things’ Recap: Here’s a Trip Down Memory Lane to Get You Ready for Season 4

‘Stranger Things’ Recap: Here’s a Trip Down Memory Lane to Get You Ready for Season 4

The Duffer Brothers’ sci-fi adventure series, Stranger Things is finally coming back to the screens on May 27. The supersized season is divided into two parts with the second batch of episodes dropping on July 1. 

Since the series is returning after more than two years, we just wanted to fill the gap in your memory.  

Changing group dynamics 

The gang is still together but little changes have taken place. Eleven and Mike are dating much to the chagrin of Hopper. Will still wants to play games, and Jonathan and Nancy are working at a newspaper. Steve has a new best friend, Robin and is working at the new Starcourt Mall. 

Minda Flayer possesses Billy in Stranger Things season 3

Billy’s suspicious behavior raises doubts in Max and Eleven. They later find he’s possessed by the Mind Flayer. On the other hand, while investigating strange events at an elderly woman’s place Jonathan and Nancy find evidence of possessed people consuming chemicals that turn them into goo—Mind Flayer’s minions.

The Russians’ plan

After intercepting a Russian signal, Dustin teams up with Erica, Robin, and Steve to crack the code. They figure out a secret Russian lab below the Starcourt Mall. Russians own many properties at Hawkins, even the Starcourt Mall. They are running experiments to open the gate to the Upside Down. 

Elsewhere, Joyce and Hopper start investigating the Hawkins lab after she witnesses magnets falling off her fridge. Their investigation leads them to discover a Russian underground lab and scientist Alexei. 

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The epic battle at the Starcourt Mall in the finale of Stranger Things season 3

The gang is cornered at the Starcourt Mall. Eleven is considerably weak after fighting the Mind Flayer and its minions. She uses the last of her powers to free Billy, who sacrifices himself to save the gang. Meanwhile, Hopper, locked in a battle with the Russian soldier Grigori, falls to the other side of the energy portal.  

Stranger Things season 3 ends on a somber note with Hopper and Billy gone. The Hawkins government has put a lid on the events and the Byers move away to California with Eleven. The end reveals a prisoner called The American in a Russian jail and a Demogorgon.

Did that help jog your memory? Are you all ready for season 4?

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