‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 BTS Hints the Comeback of an Old Villain

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 BTS Hints the Comeback of an Old Villain

Netflix is on a complete Stranger Things 4 promotional spree. Within just a few months, we have had a teaser, trailer and first-look pictures at the highly awaited and much-hyped season. But one thing that fans loved and were missing was the adorable behind-the-scenes pictures. Fans loved seeing the cast that had been together for almost five years and grew with each other.

But that changes today. We finally have new behind-the-scenes pictures of the cast and crew of Stranger Things. And it looks like a key season 1 character might be alive after all.

Stranger Things 4 new BTS pictures

The whole world is eagerly waiting for the newest season of the hit Netflix show to drop. However, since it is still a month away, will have to maintain our patience. But thanks to Stranger Things Spoilers’ Twitter account, we have some fresh new pictures of the cast and crew enjoying time on the set.

The pictures are mainly of Millie Bobby Brown goofing around with the cast as they shoot some scenes from the new season. After seeing Charlie Heaton’s Jonathan, people are wanting to see more of him in the fourth season.

But the picture that has caught the eye of people is the first one featuring Millie’s Eleven with Matthew Avery’s Papa or Brenner.

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Die-hard fans of the show know Papa is presumed to be dead in the show. However, a few new hints (including the BTS image) suggest otherwise.

Is Papa still alive?

After seeing the new pictures, many people have started to question the death of Brenner. The most crucial evidence that might prove his existence would be the Eleven poster released by Netflix a few days ago.

El is wearing a similar hospital gown as seen in the BTS pictures in the poster. And it is also theorized that in season 4, El will go to Hawkins lab to get her powers back. So the above picture of Millie and Mathew may be from when they were shooting one of those scenes.

What do you think? Is Papa still alive in Stranger Things? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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