Will Eleven Regain Her Power at Hawkins Lab? Millie Bobby Brown Gets Her Stranger Things Season 4 Poster With a Clue

Will Eleven Regain Her Power at Hawkins Lab? Millie Bobby Brown Gets Her Stranger Things Season 4 Poster With a Clue

The most anticipated season on Netflix has to be Stranger Things season 4. The show has garnered a huge fan following over the years, and Netflix also considers the project a huge success. So with just a month remaining till the drop of the new season. Netflix has released a brand new poster, including Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven.

Let us try to decode this new poster by Netflix and find out how it can help us to understand the season better.

Decoding the new Stranger Things season 4 poster

Netflix has unveiled a new poster, which appears to confirm Eleven’s return to Hawkins National Laboratory.

The image depicts a modern-day Eleven with a buzzed haircut surrounded by red and green clouds, signifying the Upside Down and the human world, respectively. As she hovers above Hawkins National Laboratory, Eleven wears a medical gown identical to what she wore in season one. This only points to the fact that while the war is close, Eleven will do anything to save her friends.

Early Stranger Things season 4 teaser trailers hinted that Eleven’s background might be key to the season’s plot. The Duffer brothers also supported this claim by saying that the new season will focus on Eleven’s past and present.

Blood was spread on her medical gown and flowing from her eyes in the most recent teaser. However, glimpses of Brown that did not appear to employ de-aging technology were featured in the teaser, implying that Eleven may return to Hawkins National Laboratory to try to reclaim her powers after losing them at the conclusion of season 3.

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Because the above poster just portrays Eleven, it doesn’t appear to tell anything about Stranger Things season 4. However, the fact that Brown isn’t de-aged in the photograph might be a significant hint towards Eleven’s season 4 narrative.

All of these hints in the poster do give fans an idea about which way the newest season will go. But we will have to wait till May 27th to know for sure if the theories turn out to be true.

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